Friday, March 09, 2007

Cleveland Here We Come...

I just left Todd a message on his voicemail making my tentative reservation for April 10th. Why Cleveland? Well it's Spring Break.... 2007 and G. Love & Special Sauce will be playing at the House of Blues in Cleveland! I was just thinking this morning that I have finally hit the point that I eventually get to after the last show, where I am not obsessing over G.L.A.S.S. But now the obsession begins again (sorry Bruce,) how did it begin with a phone call from Olive alerting me to the update email she received from Brushfire records, that G. Love would in fact be in Cleveland. At first I thought that I may have to call off work, but I am out of personal days for the year so that is a no go, when suddenly I realized, wait that is Spring Break 2007. I can go. Olive made her usual comment, oh, I am so surprised you have more time off. Yes, the benefits of teaching. Which leads me to wonder, hmmmm... where is he playing the rest of the week! Anyone one with me: for Spring Break 2007!

Also on a side note, Olive is unaware that after I talked to her and we left it at, oh, we shall see, I have totally committed both her and myself to going, now I am actually waiting until tomorrow to buy the tickets after I talk to her again, however, rest assured, I am going. And hopefully, I will be going with Olive. Until then, if you have go out and buy his latest album Lemonade, it's one of his best. And remember April 10th, Cleveland will ROCK!


taawd said...

First off, message received and confirmed. LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL MY CITY IS!! Chez Todd will be ready for company. Two beds, two baths. Spacious accomodations for one or all. I will have to put in a request for that weekend off. Can you say AL-CA-HALL? Fan-freaking-tastic. Wait, Bruce won't be here? Oh, um, yeah, I can still deal. That's how I roll!

taawd said...

BTW, I might be interested in attending said G.L.A.S.S concert. My boy Jack ain't touring so it's the closest I can get... Gimme a ring!

Unknown said...

I too am form Cleveland and am part of a Foundation - Bright Side of the Road - that fights ALS.

Anyway, we are sponsoring a pre-show meet and greet with G. Love at the House of Blues with the proceeds going to the Foundaiotn.

Here is a link to the event.

And for more info on our foundation

Unknown said...

JH (now we know your name) !

I see the ticket purchase for two !

Thank you. I look forward to seeing you on the 10th ... and yep you'll meet G. love.