Thursday, May 24, 2007

Matt Damon - Promoted to Top 3

Ok ladies, I know you have a list. We all do. It's that list of the top three movie stars/musicians (in my case) that hold a special spot in your heart (and/or mind.)

For the last five years my list has held steady.
3. Jude Law
2. Michael Vartan (Michael Vaughn from Alias)

1. Garrett Dutton (G. Love)

However, in my class (on my seniors last day of school) we watched the Bourne Idenity. Then I watched the Bourne Supremacy, starring Matt Damon. Wow! Not only are they both excellent movies (I heard that the books are good to, but the movies are great,) but Matt Damon stars in both. Hence Matt Damon moving up on the list.

So now the list stands.

3. Matt Damon
2. Michael Vartan

1. G. Love

I am looking forward in seeing the next movie in the series, the Bourne Ultimatum which is due out August 3. I am also planning on seeing Oceans 13 which comes out June 13.

For all you "list" naysayers, I know what you are thinking, "I am sure none of these people could care less about being on my list or frankly might even be creeped out by it." However, I am sure they don't care, that's what makes it fun. And who wouldn't be flattered to be on my list? Ha, ha. So since this is blog, please contribute who's on your list.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Cha Cha Diva: Jaslene Wins ANTM

Ok, I know what you are thinking this is long over due and I agree. I received several complaints. But hey what can I do, it's the end of the school year and I have been busy, also I would like to put that blame squarely on, my very crappy Internet service provider. But back to the main top: Jaslene was crowned America’s Next Top Model and I would like to say that yours truly predicted this. Yes, however, what I did not predict was the fact that the final two would be Jaslene and Natasha. Wow, let me tell you I am not sure what the judges were smoking when they watched the Cover Girl commercials, however it must have been strong, because yes they are pretty girls but neither of them could do a commercial to save their lives. I thought Renee was a shoe in for the final two, but apparently she looks too old, maybe it was all of those cigarettes she was smoking the entire show.

The finale of this show however, I must admit was a little lack luster. I think as a loyal viewer for 5 seasons now I know what to expect but this was just weird and boring. But hey not every season can be blockbuster, I look forward to the next. I did get a chance this Sunday to watch a marathon of the first top model on MTV. It made doing house work oh so much easier. This week we have a lot of season finales, but don't worry there will still be things to watch. Rob & Big is coming back to MTV on Tuesday nights for it's second season, yes, my small TV crush, Rob Drydek the skateboarder from Ohio returns to the airwaves. And I am thoroughly enjoying this season of Inferno III: Real World Road Rules Challenge.

I also will keep the season going for a couple more weeks, well I have been so crazy busy that TiVo and I haven't had a lot of quality time, so I have two more episodes of Heroes in the bank and Brothers and Sisters. So you won't hear me complain.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Go Tigers

Last night Olive, Angie and I went for a girl's night at the ball park, ironically we were seated behind two full rows of a bachelor's party. The game was a re-match of last year's world series - the Tigers vs. the Cardinals. The Tigers dominated the first four innings. Then the red birds started to catch up. However the Tigers were able to win in the end 8 - 7. I must admit I love going to the ballpark. I like baseball but what I love is all the crazy people you see. Like the cotton candy yelling big guy who sat next to Olive. He was so entertaining however Olive I think would have preferred a buffer so that she was not seated right next to him. After the game we hung around for the fireworks. It was a surprisingly long show. It's always fun hanging out with the girls however I must admit it's the biggest downfall of where I live now, it is so far away.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An Awarding Day
& The First Ever TiVo Changed My Life
Lifetime Achievement Award

Today was awards' day at St. Clair TEC. It's the day we invite parent's to come to honor our students. I was nominated the M.C. of the awards' day ceremony for the second year in a row, I am what you call a sucker! I don't mind, but growing up as Jennie Sahakian (sa-HACK-E-in), I know what it is like to have your name pronounced wrong all the time. So I do my best to try to learn the students correct pronunciation before I stand up there like a fool mispronouncing all their names. Needless to say I am not perfect and I still mispronounce a few, and in my defense when I went to their teachers to ask how their names where pronounced they didn't even know.

After the ceremony I always do classroom awards. My awards tend to be more humor filled, I like to remind the kids that even though I make them work, we also have a little fun. In my morning class Carl won Coffee Connoisseur, Andrew was awarded with DMT Social Director, Kristen won Most Likely to Name an Electronic Device (i.e. her Nikon Camera Benny) and Megan won the first ever TiVo Changed My Life Lifetime Achievement Award. I am sure all the loyal TiVo blog readers are wondering how does one get this awards, well it comes from being a loyal blog reader from the beginning, but not just that since meeting me Megan has convinced her parents into getting a TiVo, she has suggested some great television shows, she has now devoted herself to watching America's Next Top Model and she has started her own blog which is ironically called TiVo Did Not Change My Life, which we all know is LIE, hence the award. You may also wonder how someone so young can win a lifetime achievement award but I don't rate the length of the life, it's all about quality.

In the afternoon there were more great awards given: Matt got Least Likely to Use a Tripod, Kassie got the Hobby Lobby Expert and then there was Sarabeth who won the Bathroom Pass Super User award. Overall I really enjoy this day because I really like my students and I miss them over the summer. PLEASE DON'T TELL THEM. Also I hope you enjoy the pictures. I do, however I am not sure if I should concerned with the back row, there is nothing a little photoshop can't fix.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day in Chicago

This weekend was a girl's weekend in Chicago. I went to Manchester on Friday night and my mom and I packed the minivan and headed to my sister's in Chicago. We arrived with some time for some bonding with the niece in nephew. We headed to the newly remodeled park at the end of the street. It was really cool, it had this sweet squishy surface under the equipment, apparently the concrete and wood chips they had for us as kids isn't considered safe anymore.

Then we got ready for a dinner at Charlie Trotter's. The restaurant is ranked 30th in the world. Who ranks these restaurants I am not sure, but it sounds impressive. We arrived by taxi, however, our taxi driver was somewhat crazy. I think taxi mad man might be more appropriate, he nearly took out a couple crossing the street, he also started driving the wrong way when we got in the car, thankfully we were with Krista who knew Chicago, because my mom and I would have ended up God knows where and never made our reservation. When we arrived at Charlie Trotters it was very elegant, we were greeted on the street and immediately inside the restaurant. We sat down, in a small cozy dinning room. It had low lighting and was smaller than I expected. Also it was very quiet, it almost felt like a library. The service staff almost whispered when they spoke with you. I was a little uncomfortable because well frankly I am somewhat loud, just ask Bruce and my family.

We did have a chance to use the services of a sommelier when deciding our wine choice, we didn't know what to get my mom likes sweet white wines, my sister likes dry red wines and I can do either. So the wine connoisseur picked out a nice subtly, oaky, slightly, fruity, dry, white wine. When it came time to pick our menu, you had a choice vegetarian or grand, I went with the grand. My mom and sister were scared off by the salmon ice cream, yes salmon ice cream, so they stuck to the vegetarian menu, but I figured why not try a little salmon ice cream and as it turns out it is delicious.

Here’s a look at the menu:

Scottish Langoustine with Mussels & Horseradish

Tasmanian Ocean Salmon with Orange Rind, Fennel Pollen & Cured Salmon Ice Cream

Casco Bay Cod with Picholine Olives, Artichokes & Stinging Nettles

Arkansas Rabbit Loin & Leg with Turnips, Fingerling Potatoes & Mustard Greens

Summer Farm Lamb Shoulder with Garlic, Aged Manchego & Parsley

Sweet Tofu with Meyer Lemon & Shiso

Organic Buttermilk with White Pepper, Toasted Mile Ice Cream & Nutmeg

Chocolate, Tea, Caramel

I am not certain that I had the dessert listed above, I thought they called my dessert ginger something, which was a ginger foam that surrounded my ice cream, it was actually my least favorite course, the ginger was too intense for me. Everything else I ate up, yes even the salmon ice cream it was delicious.

After dinner we went were invited into the kitchen for a tour, it was really cool, much smaller than I expected and everyone despite the fact they were working hard was very nice to us. It was definitely an experience I don’t think I will soon forget. So THANKS MOM!

After dinner we headed to the bar that my sister and brother-in-law own. The Handle Bar in Chicago’s Wicker Park. It was packed, we had fun chatting with the staff. I got a free t-shirt which is cool. It was fun hanging out with my sister, we sent a tired mom home in the cab a little earlier.

The next day we went a conservatory in at the Garfield Park Conservatory which is hosting a climbable sculpture display called Niki in the Garden. It was really cool and great for taking pictures of my niece and nephew.

Then we headed to the Handle Bar for lunch, which was delicious. Then we headed back to Michigan. Despite hitting bad traffic and road construction on the way back, it was a great trip.

Friday, May 11, 2007

True Fine Dining

This weekend for Mother's Day, ironically my Mom is taking my sister and I out to dinner. We are going for REAL fine dining in Chicago. Why do I call it real well it is has been ranked as one of the best restaurants in the world. It's a five star restaurant, I think it will be the only five star restaurant I have ever been to. It's called Charlie Trotters and is located in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. We made reservations a couple of months ago. I am trying to plan what to wear. I am really excited, why well because not only will it be excellent food, but a good girl's night out.

On another note, it was "Teacher Appreciation Week," this week. I was surprised by one of my morning students who brought donuts in for the class. How did they know it was teacher appreciation week, well I must admit I did tell them, but by no means did I suggest I needed presents. It was much appreciated, which means I will have to have a student appreciation day before the end of the year.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

With Just Three Left - Who Will be ANTM?

So this week the tables turned all those girls that hated NaNa aka Renee are now hating Natasha, the Russian beauty. I must agree with them the clips they showed, showed a girl slightly off her rocker, but that frankly as we all know is the beauty of video editing. This week Dion's constant angry face finally lost her spot in the final three. I liked her but the judges didn't.

So now is the time where I should know who will be ANTM. Will it be Jaslene the Latin Diva from Chicago? Will is be NaNa the mother, classic white girl beauty from Hawaii? Or will it be Natasha the Russian? Last Top Model was Caridee and if I have noticed anything they usually don't pick two white girls in a row, I think they like to diversify it. However the Russian throws a wrench in my plans because if I go by that theory it would be Jazlene, but do they view Russian the same way the view corn feed wholesome white girls. Hmmm... what kind of look are they going for, if I were betting it would be between Jaslene and Natasha. I love the judges impression of Natasha in judging, especially Tyra. It makes me giggle just thinking about it.

Well ANTM watchers what do you think? I think it's going to be Natasha, something different, why because the next challenge is the top model commercial and Jazlene in the past has fallen short on video, but I wouldn't be unhappy if she proves me wrong and wins, I like the the Latin Diva! So I guess you could say I am routing for Jazlene but I think Natasha, will be America's Next Top Model.

Also breaking news for your TiVo, it's the return of Rob & Big on MTV. Yes the dynamic duo will be coming back May 22nd. I must admit I am looking forward to their return, because we all know that I have a small TV crush on Rob Dyrdek.

Also for those of you who haven't been TiVo'ing Inferno III on MTV it's been good. Tonya, the crazy, is back in full force. She's taking out her rage on Susie the American Sweethart from Road Rules Australia (I know it's a sad fact that I know the episodes they are on, but hey what can I say, Real World and Road Rules were a staple of my college life.)

As for the rest of my shows, I haven't had much TiVo time this week, so tonight as I am at home with the animals (yes we are plus one dog, we are dog sitting for Bruce's folks' latest addition to the family. I will be sure to catch up but first a little more blogging while the internet is cooperating and then we are off for a run in the park.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dear Wireless High-Speed Internet Provider,

I am writing this open letter on the TiVo Changed My Life Blog to complain about you. Why? Well frankly you are letting me down. Every night I come home to post on my blog and you are not working. This is a recent development for you. For the first year of our service together you were fairly reliable and quick, however in the last month, I am lucky to be able to check my email when I get home. You make enjoying great things like YouTube and blogging with photos nearly impossible.

Just yesterday, I tried to post to my blog, but you only worked long enough for me to post the before picture of my trees-- so now the TiVo Change My Life loyal readers missed out on the much cleaner after photo. I am sure they were disappointed, however most would never let me know because they rarely post comments, but I can sense their disappointment.

I have called you about five times, however you never return my calls. Please don't ruin a good thing. There is still time to salavage this relationship, at least until December when the other high speed provider will start providing service to my neighborhood. So I guess this is a warning, that you won't ever see since you don't return my calls, but if you don't get things under control (get a reliable stream of internet to my house) by the end of the year, we will break up for good and I will be jumping ship to BIG TUBE! You hear me, I know... you aren't listening. Until then, consider me a thorn in your side, I will spend my nights filling up your voicemail until you CALL ME BACK.

Your Disappointed Customer

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring Clean-up

It's the time of year that we try to make our yard presentable. Let's say we didn't buy our house based on landscaping, unless you count our new pets, the hundreds of moles that spend their free time tunneling through our yard. We also have lots of trees, hence the pile of sticks.

This weekend we consulted the professionals, no we did not have our yard landscaped, I wish. We had the tree guys come out and do some trimming, ok I guess that is an understatement, they cut down trees. Don't worry all you tree huggers ( I am one too) I will be planting some new ones. But we had these scrubby trees on the edge of our property. It's the same edge that many people who come to the great store right next to us like to park and like to litter, no I am not bitter, I am angry. It drives me crazy, when I see who drop stuff, I yell at them. I am the crazy lady. So we thought if we thinned out the crappy trees that created a cover for people to litter it might limit the opportunity. We shall see if it helps, if not I have another plan.

Yes, you have probably guessed it, I will be dressing up as a bush all summer and laying and wait to jump out at anyone who drops anything. I will scare the littering out of them.

In other yard news, I have been enjoying my flowers, especially my hanging plants that I bought from the Future Farmers of America at a discount price. They are beautiful, and they help distract from the lack of beauty on the ground.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

So I must admit, I got this idea from Griner's Cafe Asteria Blog. But I too am feeling so much less of a world traveler than I did before. Well there will be more up there this summer after our trip to Switzerland.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Two Times of the Year When I HATE Trees - Spring & Fall!

Now I am sure you are thinking that is an awful thing to say, how can she hate trees? Well it's not really the trees I hate its what they do to my lawn that I can't handle. In the fall of course it's the mountains leaves and in the spring it's sticks. Hence the picture. I spent all evening picking up sticks and there are still more. I am surprised there are any branches left on these trees. According to all these sticks you would think all that would be left would be the trunk. Of course trees are great in summer with the shade: whatever, whatever, but I am not going to lie, on my forty-fifth trip back to the pile with hundreds of sticks, I was wishing that we didn't have any trees in our yard.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007