Sunday, March 25, 2007

Open the Door... Let the Fairy In
Ann Arbor's Little Secret
(That Everyone Already Knows)

This weekend, I went to Ann Arbor to answer phones for Michigan Radio's pledge drive, which you can still pledge if you want. Just call 1-888-258-9866 or go online to Michigan Radio's website. But after dinner I met up with my Mom & Dad for dinner at the Grizzly Peak Brewery in downtown after dinner we went for a short walk through downtown because the weather is warming up, again. As we were walking, we walked by the toy store the "Peaceable Kingdom" and she said oh that must be one of those fairy doors. I said, what? So we all walked back to check it out. It's a small little door for fairies to enter, something that I would have been totally into as a child, because well I lived in my own fantasy world, something I am sure you have figured out by now.

An artist decided to put them up to help draw people to the businesses downtown, as I was bending down to take a picture, a little girl showed up with here mother and she let us in on where more of the doors were located. She was so excited to let us in on this "secret." We made one more stop at Sweetwater's Cafe and she showed us the second door. It had a another fairy annex with a lighted room. People leave things at the doors and also write in the fairy door journal, which we did not. We were not prepared on the proper Fairy Door etiquette.

Apparently this has been the buzz in the Ann Arbor News, Detroit Free Press, the Washington Post (and tons of other papers including the Seattle Times picked up the story) and you can listen to the NPR, so many people wrote about this story because everyone I have since talked to said, oh yeah, I knew about that, well I guess this is what I get for spending too much time wrapped up in ANTM, I miss out. Want more pictures, that may be better than my dark photos... click here.

My Mom, Dad & I all agreed that it would super fun to come on a fairy door hunt with my niece Sophie, who is the girliest girl ever. She loves princesses and pink, so we definitely feel that fairies will be right up her alley. And therefore I can live vicariously through the life of 3 year-old and not just look like a 28 year-old freak searching for fairy doors with wings and a tiara on because I feel frankly too look like a fairy you must look and feel like a princess. What you disagree?


darkroompaul said...

I really like the wad of used gum. Sounds like a fun idea though.

darkroompaul said...

According to Olive, I was too vague in my first post, so he I go again. I really like the wad of used gum in the bottom left corner of the first picture. Sounds like a fun idea though.