Sunday, September 30, 2007

G. Love & Special Sauce
DVD Premiere

Last night the girls got together for the official viewing of the G. Love & Special Sauce DVD - A Year and a Night. I actually ordered the DVD when I was in Europe only to have it arrive while I was gone. But I knew that I couldn't watch it without the company of Olive and Angie. I left it sealed to prove that I hadn't watched it yet.

So last night with pizza and fresh apple cider (straight from the orchard -- yes I know what you are thinking we are real wild and crazy, I think that's probably what G. Love thought when he met us.) We settled in for the premiere of the G. Love DVD.

Here's my review:

The first thing I thought is I could have done this. Yes, that journalism degree and working in television would have done the trick -- to be honest the editing and video work did not blow me away. As I was watching I actually got a little pissed off thinking why didn't I do this, I could have hung out with the band for a year and produced a much better film. Then I remembered that would have never happened...

Things I liked. I really liked the band interaction, however most of the interaction we saw was fighting. It appears after 13 years of traveling on the road together you are more like squabbling siblings than anything else. Which I actually appreciated -- and which leaves me to say I wish there was more of. I love the band for the music, that is why I travel to places like Toledo and Grand Rapids to see their shows. However, I guess with the DVD I was looking for more insight into the band - things I don't get to see on stage. I got a little but I think I would have liked more. Also they introduced everyone but the newest member Mark Boyce, he joined the band during the middle of filming but there was no formal interview with him. I think it was noticeably missing.

Next as I kept watching, I realized how much I enjoy Houseman. They would go up to fans before shows and ask people who else in the band they liked and virtually no one knew anyone else's name. (I am proud to say I know the entire band - G. Love, Jimi Jazz, Houseman & Mark.) I have always enjoyed House Man and when we met the band this summer, House Man's stock grew. During the DVD, I kept waiting for more Houseman clips and felt disappointed when it was over because I wanted more Houseman. Funny, G. Love made a comment to Houseman that he could do it his way when it was Houseman and Special Sauce -- I am not going to lie to you, I would buy that DVD.
ANTM Takes a Stand

Ok, as I am sure you can all tell, I have been a little late in watching. But I finally got a chance to catch up today. And Tyra is taking a stand this season. It's the no smoking season! Yes, mabye she got this from the TiVo Changed My Life Blog. Yes during Cycle 8 I went on a little tirade about the amount of smoking on the show. Literally the entire time the girls were at the house all they did was smoke. This time Tyra put her foot down - she realizes that little girls are watching this show (and me) - so she declared this a no smoking season. Maybe Tyra reads the blog, maybe this blog is really making a difference -- in the world of ANTM. (ha ha)

The girls did a photograph that showed the girl looking sexy while smoking but then when they saw the reflection in the mirror showed the true effects of smoking. It was an interesting photo shoot.
So far what is the most interesting is that the girls are already having screaming matches at the photo shoot. Apparently one of the girls is a former exotic dancer and another girl has a problem with it. As for the rest of them, well this is a caddy bunch. They are already talking smack about anyone who isn't in the room especially Heather who has Aspberger's Syndrome.

This week Mila was kicked off -- she was sweet but forgettable.
I am hoping that next week is makeover week, because that is my favorite episode of the season - of the new non-smoking season.

Oh and I almost forgot - Benny Ninja returned to ANTM. He was just there for the first Old Navy Challenge when the girls had to show their personal style. However, I am not sure what the point of Benny's presence was -- but hey what can you say -- it was Benny Ninja. Which also explains why hits to this blog went up when people searched his name.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Michigan Government Shut Down?

Yes, I usually avoid talking politics, but this time it can't be avoided. The Michigan legislature has so far yet to agree on a budget for the next fiscal year which means we are facing a government shut down. Please this is embarrassing.

So what does a state government shut down mean? Well all state government employees (except the legislature - who are causing this mess in the first place) are sent home for a week of unpaid vacation. That's 35,000 people in a state.

So what won't run when the state government shuts down... State Police (85% of them) won't be working, State Parks will be closed, no Food Inspection, Rest Areas will be SHUT DOWN, no renewing your drivers license or license plates -- if you live on Mackinac Island there will be no trash pick-up or manure pick-up (for all the horses), no state lottery ticket sales, there will be a drawings still because of presale tickets, however if you won the lotto you won't be able to claim your prize, speaking of gambling you won't be able to bet on the horses -- horse racing will be shut down. With the state gaming office closes, the Governor tried to close the casinos in Detroit but a judge ruled against her.

The Michigan Supreme Court - Closed.

EDUCATION: All Department of Education operations will shut down, except for the Michigan School for the Deaf. If Department of Education employees have not returned to work by mid-October, the state school aid payment due on October 22 will not be made.

NATURAL RESOURCES: All DNR operations will be shut down, except a minimal crew to maintain the state’s six fish hatcheries and a small contingent of forest firefighters needed to continue containment operations at the Sleeper Lakes fire in the Upper Peninsula and to respond to other fire emergencies.

TRANSPORTATION: All road construction, routine maintenance, and administrative operations will stop. In addition, six of the state’s lift bridges, in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations, will be locked in the up position, allowing only water traffic to pass. Those bridges are located in Manistee, Bay City, St Joseph, Port Huron and Detroit.

So let's get to work in Lansing... all I have to ask is what where these people doing all summer? Why did we have breaks in the session if this wasn't solved? Why did all the republicans head up to Mackinac Island two weeks ago to hob knob with presidential candidates when there was no budget? Democrats you are not off the hook either.

I just hope that all this political crapola can work itself out by Sunday at midnight to avoid this... because frankly.. it sucks. Not for the politicans but for all the hard working state employees that will be sitting at home with unpaid leave. Ironically the state will still be sending out unemployment checks -- does this mean that the 35,000 state employees are eligible - but how will they sign up the people who would normally take their application will be standing in line right next to them. So let's avoid this and get a freaking budget.

Someone suggested that we elect our stae representatives and senators by lottery from now one... I say why not. The ones we elected don't seem to be working.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Seven Random Things About Jennie

7 random facts about me

The rules:

  1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
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1. Most times I refuse to participate in shinanagans like this, but I will do anything right now to get out
of doing my homework.

2. I was hit by Mikey Zelenski -- a neighbor -- with a baseball bat across the face. I was a catcher and apparently I moved a little to close to the plate while he backed up to get a better angle on the ball. When he realized what he did - he said sorry and took off running, because he was afraid of my dad.

3. I can't dance --- but I do a mean robot. Just ask anyone. The picture to the right is someone else doing the robot.. however, those of you who have seen me know... my pure natural talent for this dance. I can see you smiling from here.

4. I wore all black and listened to the cure in middle school. (see #3)

5. I watched American Beauty for the first time in the theater with CNN's Christiane Amanpour and the head of CNN International Eason Jordan. However, I never ended up working at CNN. Hmmmmm.

6. I hate (and I mean hate) heights -- especially when it comes to driving over bridges. It's an abnormal fear. For more explanation read here.

7. At one time I thought I wanted to be a nuclear engineer... clearly that didn't happen.

Here are my tags:
Amy: She might actually do this.
Jenn: I have never actually meet her but I have been reading her blog for more than a year and feel like I know her
Mary Ann: Because she was super blogger in Geneva and has not posted since August 10.
Todd: Because he clearly tagged everyone on my blog leaving me now one to tag!!!!! Carl & Megan - NO FAIR!!
Yeah -- I don't have seven.
It's Premiere week ---

Well it's the big premiere week in the world of TV, at least that is what TV is telling me.. However, we all know that the big premiere week was last week with the most important and influential show on television: America's Next Top Model.

Speaking of it's time to dissect the episode. Because we know that's what this blog is all about. I am sure you are questioning, why it has taken so long for us to get here and well frankly please see the post below. It's hard to admit, but I just watched the premiere tonight (with Bruce.) But don't worry the TiVo was in full effect.

Let's first discuss my favorite, who unfortunately did not make it in the final 13... can it all be in a name and the answer is YES!!! Spontainouise - pronounced Spontaneous! Now Tyra I ask you, how can you let Spontainouise not even start the season... Think about all the possibilities in panel.

Ms. Jay: What do you call that walk?

Spontainouise: Spontaneous?

Tyra: What do you call that look?
Spontainouis: Spontaneous

Nigel: Spontainouse, I want to see your fiercest look.

Spontainouse: Should I just be spontaneous?

kay maybe there isn't a lot to do with it, but it could have been fun for a minute.

So let's see there is already the drama queen that people are dogging in panel: Ebony. Of course she made the final 13 because -- well Tyra knows -- you need that drama.
Here's who I can remember today: the girl who looks horse-like from Yale - super long face with mane, the super shy girl -- aka the hunch back of notre dame (if anyone can straighten this girl out Tyra can), the exotic bikini dancer and the Texan name Chantel. Of course you get to know the ones who don't make it the best in the first show: like the girl with the mohawk from Alaska or Jennifer the bartender from Massachusetts with a "wicked" accent. I look forward to next week, but all I am asking.... when do we get to see the makeovers, Tyra don't make me wait, let's bust in with them the first week. Cut the hair -- sew in the weaves -- dye the blond locks brown -- make the tears flow. I love it!

Also big episode this week: The Hills! Yes, we thought Jason was back in Lauren's life. However in this episode we learn that he has a girlfriend. Then he invites Lauren to meet her, where it is soon announced that he is engaged to her. Nice. I am betting on him ending up in rehab soon. Plus the new chicky... not hot at all. Also Spencer seems to be getting the cold feet when it comes to marrying Heidi -- who has taken on the role as a bride full force -- gowns, registering and everything else. Then at a lunch date it comes out: he hasn't told his parent's yet about their engagement... well all I have to say is get on it buddy -- because well you are on a reality show, there is a chance they could watch. This proves my theory that he is all about this pseudo fame that comes with being on The Hills. Shows that I still need to catch up on, so far Heroes -- plus what's up with Chuck on NBC.. I hear good things but I missed the premiere I will have to have wet cat fill me in. Well my intercultural communications is calling my name: Jennie, read me, read me.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall is in the Air

It's getting to be late September and that means two things to my stomach: fresh donuts and apple cider from the cider mill. Yes, I can't get enough. Today, my loving husband made the trek to the cider stand (yes, we don't go to the mill because really we could give a care about pictures, hay rides and the madness that is hundreds of families with children all under the age of 5) - we head to the stand where the cider is cheaper and the donuts are fresh (yes made daily with the donut robot.)

I finally got a chance to sit down with TiVo today: so far, I have watched Beauty & the Geek and The Hills. (I am saving ANTM for tomorrow, I have waited this long and it will help me break up my school work tomorrow.) Yes, I am having a somewhat lazy Saturday. I am not complaining (but I guess it may sound like it) with two full classes at school and then two college classes, I am a busy gal, which means I don't have much time for TiVo except on the weekends. I also haven't made much time for running this week either. I also would like to point out to my loyal readers who I am sure already know, this schedule has also cramped my blogging style, however, I will do my best to pick that up. Despite the fact that I am still in my pajamas and it is 2:40 pm, I am going to make running the next thing on my to-do list (after finishing this blog.) Then from there I am going to finally join the living as I head to Mary's 30th Birthday celebration.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Set your TiVO!!!!

Season 9 of America's Next Top Model Premires tonigh at 8pm on the new CW.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Year Older - One Minute Faster

Today was
Run Wild. I ran it last year with Helen and did my personal best since high school. This year Bruce joined Helen and I. I not only did I get my personal best since high school, I beat last year's time by one minute. Yes, apparently turning 29 makes you a faster runner. I ran 26:32 for a 5k. I was 14th in my age group. 201st overall. 63 overall for females. Here are the comparisons.

2006 - 2007

27:39 - 26:33


PLACE: 22 - 14

277 - 201

I was the last of our crew, but we must re member Helen is the running guru. (Remember, two time state cross country champ) and over this summer Bruce has surpassed me. I am very pleased with my time.

After the run we went to the zoo. It's one of the perks of doing this run, free admission to the zoo. And it turns out that going to the zoo before 10 am is the best time because all the animals are out and moving. However the general public is usually not able to get into the zoo before 10 am. Touring the zoo with Helen is fun too because you get the skinny on all the animals, like the CapiBaras that are in a time-out. They don't get along, so they have to put in pens with different animals that they can get a long with. We also got to see the keepers feeding the gorillas which is my favorite animal.

After a stroll around the zoo, Helen and I got our tattoos... Well our spray on tattoos. Last year we went collegiate, this year it's pro. Helen got a Lions tattoo, I went with Detroit Tigers, but of course we both got ours with glitter. I personalized my tat with pink. Our next big race, the Detroit Free Press Marathon as a relay. Yes the 7:11 club is reuniting. Hopefully I can have a repeat showing of today!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

New blogs added to the blogs I read.. Please enjoy my the musings of Megan & Wet Cat Carl.
There blogs inspired by the greatness that is TiVo & the TiVo Changed My Life Blog.
Megan's blog: TiVo Did Not Change My Life & Carl's: I Don't Even Have TiVo!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I think my cats love ryan

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Internet Black Hole

Have you ever realized that you can spend hours just trolling the internet when you have a book to read for class that you would rather not read. Hmmmmmm... apparently 29 does not mean the end to procrastination. Well there's always hope for 30.

School is going well. I am running wild this weekend with Helen at the zoo. However, I don't have as high of hopes of running like a RockStar as I did at last year's race. I am disappointed too, the 7:11 club was going to run as a team in the Detroit Marathon relay, we had finally gotten the team narrowed down to only find out that they filled up and there are no other relay team spots open. It now appears if we are going to run the 5k. There has been talk of the half marathon, but I am not sure that I can get ready for a 13.1 mile run by the end of October. I guess if I really tried I could, it's only 8 miles more than the Crim and what's another 8 miles. The answer is a lot! Well I am going to get started thinking about it with a good 3 mile run tonight in this very fall like weather we are having.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Cat Bag Returns
this time for me

Yes, it's that cat bag and that means it is either Olive or my birthday. This time we were celebrating my 29th birthday. Yes, I am in the last year of my 20's how did we officially celebrate: Thai Food & Fruity Drinks. It was fun hanging out with the girls & Bruce was even able to join us.

On Saturday (the real birthday and apparently it is also World Rabies Day, who knew,) it was
pretty low key. I woke up late (after waking up at 6 am in a panic thinking I forgot to set my alarm, only to have Bruce say, Jennie's it's Saturday, it's your birthday come back to bed.) Then we woke up and I got fabulous presents from my loving husband, which included a starbucks card, a super cute sweater from Jcrew (pictured to the right,) and gift certificate to the massage. Then we took a nap. Yes my birthday requires lots of rest. We went to the gym and ran. For dinner we had Don Pablo's nothing says happy birthday like Tex-Mex.

It was funny because my phone hadn't rang all day then I realized when we got in the car that I had left it in my car overnight. I had seven different birthday messages to listen to, including several renditions of Happy Birthday from my parents to my students.

Today is another birthday in my family. My Aunt Elena turns 50, all I have to say is I hope I look that good when I turn 50. Happy Birthday Aunt Elena!
A Birthday with the Fam

Over labor day Krista & the kids came in town for the weekend to help me pre-celebrate my birthday. We hung out at the Manchester for the weekend. Sophie and Max kept us all on our toes, they have so much energy. Max loved the swing, he was so funny he could have hung out there for hours, just swinging back and forth, back and forth. Plus I had amazing renditions of Happy Birthday. However, my family revolted in my choice of birthday cake, which is always white cake with white frostings. That is why I love weddings, the cake. However the rest of my family loves chocolate cake (with the exception of my Uncle Jimmy - who also loves white cake with white frosting.)

It was also really sweet. Max loves to go with Grandpa on walks with Nina the dog. However, Nina needs a longer walk than Max can handle, so Grandpa always has to carry Max back. So on Monday morning grandpa tried to sneak out. However, it didn't work, even though Grandpa thought it would work. In minutes Max was standing at the window with his shoes and pajama's pounding on the window yelling, "grandpa, you forgot me? grandpa I am still here, you forgot me." So of course I started video taping, because well we couldn't have this wonderful guilt trip without grandpa being part of it. Please enjoy.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Summer is Over

Yes today school's officially back in session. Today was the first day with students. Today was the official meet and greet. I set the rules and the tenor of the class for the rest of the year. (yeah right) They say as a teacher you shouldn't smile until Christmas break, but I of course break that rule because I can't help it, I am honestly glad to be back at work. I really enjoy teaching. This first week is pretty quiet, it's not until the feel comfortable that they try to put me through my paces. However I am seasoned now... yes at year three I am feeling even better than last year. However the big decision tonight: what to wear for tomorrow? I have already expired my super cute European dress/fabulous shoes from DSW. Whatever I wear it will be cool, tomorrow's high is 88, so despite the fact the school year has started, I guess summer really isn't over yet, at least according to our friend Mother Nature.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

We Won!!!!!

Bruce and I are big winners of the mega millions. We had the mega-ball and one number that puts our grand total of winning up to $3!!!!! Not to bad for five tickets... Ha ha.. We had another ticket with 2 numbers but you don't get anything for that. Well I guess I will have to wait until next time it is above 100 million...

She may look innocent, but today she was trouble..