Wednesday, March 21, 2007

it's the best night of the week...
ANTM Night

I just realized that Tyra sings this the song at the beginning, how fabulous, I can't figure out if it's just one line or the whole thing. Is there anything this woman can't do? I am asking you, seriously. Let's see we are starting to get to know the girls now. Renee is the caddy girl that will talk about everyone about them behind their backs. She starts out the morning, saying I am going to be a new woman and I am not going to be bitchy anymore. Come on please you won't be too, I hope at least. Then the girls meet with a traffic cop? No it was Benny Ninja, the father of the house of Ninja, the man who perfected Vogueing, who knew. And I thought it was Madonna, but according to Benny Ninja, it was born in Harlem. Then they had posing wars in the park. it was boring at best, I wanted more Benny Ninja.

Then what to my surprise: more Benny Ninja, but this time he was in yellow spandex. The girls went to a warehouse it is the vault where Tyra keeps her most bankable poses... HA HA HA, for real are you kidding me. But anyway the girls have to make their way through a laser maze, while striking amazing poses. The girls who get through get a chance at a $20, 000 diamond bracelet. Yes, I said a chance, because Benny Ninja, gave the prize to the girl who he thought had the best movement. I was happy one of the plus sized girls won. Whitney won and I like her.

I have noticed another thing about this season: these girls smoke like a freaking chimney. It's out of control. Come on people, how can Tyra stand for this. It makes me mad a little. I am anti-smoking. I am completely on my soapbox now. I just don't get it why start? And to show these skinny girls sitting around smoking cigarettes. I don't care if it is reality, this is a part of the reality I don't need.

The photo shoot is a CSI (crime scene investigation.) The girls were dead. Renee killed it in the first shot and I actually am starting to like her again. Yes, when everyone hates you that's when I love you, unless you are Melrose. Then Jaslene went next, she calls herself the cha cha diva, I am not sure how I feel about her, she loves herself a little too much for me. Jael was super emotional about the death of her friend, I just can't understand that girl whenever she talks, its like she has something to say but she can't get the words out, she mumbles everything. I just want to yell, get the marbles out of your mouth. The girls, with the exception of Jael, did surprisingly well with this photo shoot.

At judging, I am not sure about Tyra's outfit, because all I can do is stare at her chest. Wow that was some top or what? It was a purple Helen of Troy deal, with a crazy headband. Not my favorite look for her.

I honestly can't tell who is going home this week, I am guessing Felicia, why because it was the Felicia show, this week. We have seen a lot of her. But I am not quite sure. Even after the judging banter, I can't tell you who is out. I am guessing Jael and Felicia are in the bottom two. But I am wrong. So it's between Dionne & Felicia. And I was right the girl who called herself little Tyra, Felicia was sent home.

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