Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mother Nature's Spring Tease

So it's back to the chiller temperatures, after a couple days that reached near 80 degrees. We are currently in the low 40s, however they are claiming a high of 58 today, which I don't believe, unless it was that was for 2 minutes. Now don't get me wrong 40 degree temperatures are better than 20-30 range, however the people at are using the "S" word for next week. Frankly Mother Nature this is unacceptable, if I have to deal with the polar ice caps melting in my life time, I sure better reap the rewards to, so when spring comes it better stick around. I know what you are thinking... idle threats, but what can I say it's all I got.

However we are just 12 days away from G. Love in Cleveland... It's Spring Break 2007: Baby!

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