Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Off the TiVo Topic.. a new Cyber Addiction...

So I am now addicted to Craig's List. I love seeing what's up there. I have used it to post my house several times with no success, but I just listed a dresser and got 5 emails in less than 2 hours. So maybe things under 100 are easier to get rid of. I posted my house up there again.

I may sound desperate when it comes to this real estate thing, but well I am. I am sick of owning two homes, yes at one time it was fun to have two homes. Where will I sleep tonight, hmmm maybe the summer home? Oh I am spending the weekend at my other house... I can't go out to dinner, I am at the southern home tonight. All joking aside, it is wearing thin now, especially now that there is much more yard work. Is there hope, who knows we are lowering the price AGAIN! Come on people I am not making any money off this investment. I also see other houses in our neighborhood selling. Do I have that bad of taste? Are finished basements really that cool? Was I mentally retarded when I fell in love with that house and bought it, three years ago, going on four.? Don't answer those questions, they were rhetorical.

I have obviously digressed from my earlier topic, Craig's List. Check it out, it's fun. Look for jobs, furniture, cars... And it's all free... ha ha ebay. Using craig's list is like sticking it to the cyberMAN.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TiVo Alert...

I have actually spent a lot of time outside lately and I haven't been hanging out with TiVo much. I did catch the apprentice, and I totally agreed with the Donald this week. Also my TiVo decided to record "Fresh Meat" on MTV for me, it looks like a really good show to get sucked into this summer. YEAH! I mowed the lawn tonight, so I will have to watch the Lost season finale tomorrow.

Not TiVo related, for those of you keeping track of our "rescue for your home" house, we haven't had any offers yet, but I am hopeful. Keep your fingers crossed. Well I guess it could be TiVo related, since I captured the segments on my TiVo.

Monday, May 22, 2006

"Rescue Your Home"
It's the title of the segment that our summer home appeared on this past Friday. For those of you who didn't know Bruce and I have been the proud owners of two homes for nine months. But we lucked out and Local 4 News decided to feature our house for a "sell this house" type segment. We taped the segment in April around Easter, and it finally aired. If you are curious to wath it click on the links below.

Segment I

Segment II

We had an open house on Sunday and 20 groups of people came through our realtor says it was the best open house she had in a long time. I hope this does the trick.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Jade is out.....

Now it's my girls Joanie & Danelle.

I will be happy no matter the outcome.
Season Finale -- Whoa Wait A Minute

So Grey's Anatomy ended Monday night with a big season finale. Denny dies, which was sad, but I knew it was coming. These type of shows can't have things work out all the time. Burke was shot and his career is threaten, while Christina isn't sure what's happening, she actually is feeling human. (Which disappoints because I like crass Christina.) However, I believe that Burke will be ok. Please feel free to hold me to that prediction.

Then there is of course the big taboo Meredith and McDreamy. At the nearly end of the two hour show, McDreamy and Meredith find their selves in some exam room going at it like maniacs, meanwhile Addison and the Vet are chit-chatting. So now I find myself not liking McDreamy and Meredith and feeling for Addison and the Vet. The vet I never had a problem with, but Addison bugged me. Now I like here. Don't do this to me. All these mixed emotions. However, it was a good season finale, not to crazy of a cliffhanger, but believe you me I will be back in the fall.

As for tonight's viewing pleasure, get ready girls (and guys if you will) it's ANTM. I honestly can't predict who the final two will be. Of course I am hoping for Danelle and Joanie, but I have a feeling Jade will knock out one of my girls. They like to keep it interesting. The question, I ask, is if she wins do you think the hair will stay? Does anyone like it, I don't mind the length but the color has GOT TO GO!

Stay tuned for tonight's results.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I totally called it!

Sara is out on ANTM. It's not surprising, in fact, I predicted it. But I worry now that Jade will win. I just can't stand that idea or that girl. Talk about annoying. Yes annoying. One more show, and then it's the season finale. I can't decide who I like better Joanie, with the improved smile or Danelle, the southern girl who needs to overcome her drawl. Also what was with Tyra's very very very purple eyeshadow.

Currently Bruce is playing my favorite South Park, the Christian Rock band. I love it, Cartman forms his own Christian Rock Band and goes Mehr. It can make you laugh until you pee, because it is true. I am not a huge South Park fan, but this one takes the cake. I may like Country, but Christian Rock, no one is fooling me. I love my friends who say you can't tell it's great music. No it isn't and of course you can tell.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A hole in my TiVo heart...

So it's May and it's coming... that time of year that all my favorite shows have their season finale and that means reruns. So what now? Usually that is when I explore the rest of shows that cable has to offer, but here lies the problem. By this so called exploration, I inevitably end up adding more shows to my weekly line-up, which is already quite full. The other issue is there are so many channels, I spend half the summer looking for something descent to view. So what is a girl to do? The good news is most of the summer is spent outside, gardening and running. But if anyone has a good suggestion on a show that I may have missed this season and should catch up on reruns, let me know.

Also bad news, my favorite Friday night show In Justice seems that it maybe canceled. It's quite a disappointment, because I was really enjoying it. Oh well, it won't be the first time a show I liked was canceled.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wow Realty... I am loving...

Realty TV that is. This week, I have really enjoyed my mind candy television i.e. America's Next Top Model & Nashville Star.

First Nashville Star: This week they announced the winner, Chris Jones. The young 20 year-old from Tennessee, not only sang well, but he is also a cutie.. Yes I said cute, he is only 7 years younger: which is young but not illegal. I know this probably downgrades me, but it also revives my love for the country music genre. I like all music, but I am a closet country fan. Yes, fan, freak, say what you want but I am not ashamed. I am so geeked about this show that I would even go to the concert, yes that sound is you losing all respect for me. This is me getting over it.

Next, more importantly ANTM. Last week, Nenna was voted off. At first I was a Nenna fan, but man did she get annoying. Yes very very annoying. Enough with the boyfriend and the phone calls, for the love of God.

This week, Jade was her typical arrogant self. It seems that dost protest too much: I am humble, I am not arrogant, I am peaceful and I am a threat. Get over yourself. You are not that hot. I think my cat might out model her, if there were a model off.
Ziggy is one fierce cat!

This week, Furonda was voted off. She was entertaining, I enjoyed her very much. They are not going to send Jade home because she is great entertainment. My favorites are Danelle, who despite going to the hospital, had a fierce photo shoot and Joanie, who looks fabulous, with her new teeth.

What will next week bring, who knows but I am excited. It's hard with the weather being so nice, but I always manage to make time for TiVo, however I do find myself staying up too late: on a regular basis.