Friday, March 09, 2007

TiVo Update

Well I am sure that most of you come to this blog for the intellectual insight on the television programs that really make an impact on all of our lives, like America's Next Top Model. So I couldn't post on Wednesday because our Internet wasn't working, so here's a recap. In one word: WHAHHHH..... Yes that is the word, it's actually a sound the sound of crying. Let me say that this season is already full of drama queens. Every other minute of this episode there was crying. Everything from crying about how wonderful they are, to crying about how they don't fit in, to crying about how the other girls are jealous of them, to crying about how they did in the challenge, to crying about the photograph they were chosen to do. Ugh... It was too much drama too soon. This is the time in the season when I want to find these girls awkwardly endearing, it's usually the time when one of the girls choses to comes out of the closet on National Television. Usually we don't get these kind of tears until the makeover episode which is next week, so don't miss.

However I did find Tyra endearing during judging. (But really when don't I find her endearing, and to all you Tyra haters out there.. don't hate, look deep inside and find the Tyra Love, I did and life is now a better place.) In the end this week, it wasn't that exciting, because I found myself struggling to get through all the tears. The 19 year-old from Pinnson (some small town, not sure if that is how you spell it) Alabama who's name did not make an impression and she felt awkward and totally out of place was kicked off. It was between her and the clueless (call it language barrier, but I still feel like even if she had a total hold on the language she would still be clueless) Russian. They kept the Russian from pure drama and I have a feeling that she won't disappoint.

Also so far this week, I have watched "the Hills" on MTV. It's the second season of the Laguna Beach spin off. This season Lauren's best friend Heidi is dating captain cheese ball and is totally dissing her friend. Heidi's boyfriend's name is Spencer and every episode I just would like to see less and less of him. So far most of this season I have been feeling bad for Lauren and waiting for Heidi to dump "Spence."

But the creme da la creme for me right now is Heroes. Which of course I am sure is going into reruns next week, which means you can all catch up. It's the NBC show about people with super powers. It's part drama, part action, part comic book. I really like it. It's too hard to describe everything, hence I haven't really wrote about it before (but you can read Todd's take,) but I have the entire season TiVo'd and save on the TiVo in hopes that I can convince Bruce to catch up on the show. Heroes is my new Lost, which I have retired from.

Also there are the ABC staples: Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and the new addition Brothers & Sisters (I know what you are thinking yuck Calista Flockhart, but I won't lie I liked Alley McBeal and I like this show.) That's all I can think of now, I have been really busy this year and I haven't had a lot of time to pick up new shows. I welcome any suggestions for you all of shows that I should be TiVo'ing but I am not. Until next week's ANTM stay focused and stay fierce!

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