Friday, March 23, 2007

My American Life has FREE Showtime

My favorite radio show, "This American Life" has hit Showtime. This American Life has been a radio show for the last 10 years on WBEZ Chicago. It's the reason I fell in love with Public Radio. Well now the same great radio show is adding video, sometimes it makes me feel like I should be in on this, this is what I wanted to do with video, when I started in journalism. It's the kind of show that focuses on people's story, hence the title This American Life. Which I am sure if you are reading this blog, because you know me then there is no explanation necessary.

So of course you guessed it, it's been TiVo'ed. I put it in the season pass tonight. Maybe I will be inspired enough to try my hand my secret little dream of becoming a contributor. I watched the first episode tonight, it was two of the stories that I have actually already heard on the radio, but it was a different experience seeing the same story with video. When I say different, I mean good.

Of course I did not have Showtime, why, well I was born Jennie Sahakian and Sahakian's don't pay for premium channels. But Sahakian's do call DirecTV when they notice that their bill went up and then they scrutinize the bill and realize that they have been overcharged for quite sometime (ok most of us would have realized it before sometime but hey I am busy.) So I called DirecTV and here's the deal, they are giving me money off my bill for the next six months and Showtime for the next six months FOR FREE. Yes, I am a smooth talker, you can say Bruce is wearing off on my a little, I still am not as good as this man.

Don't worry, I will still be listening to This American Life on Michigan Radio, because that is where I fell in love with it. By the way it is the spring fund drive week for NPR, tomorrow I will be answering the phones at Michigan Radio. So pick up the phone and give them a call: give a little, give a lot, it all goes to continue the great programing, like This American Life. If you are lucky I might just answer the phone to take your money. By the way, here's the number: 888-258-9866.

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Megan said...

I want FREE showtime! If we have the same phones, I believe we should also have the same showtime. Agreed?