Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quick ANTM Update

Well I only got to watch the last half tonight at the gym while running on the treadmill. I know its staying lighter later, however, I couldn't convince myself earlier in the evening to get off my butt and run. I will watch the first half on TiVo later. However, here's the cliff note version since my husband says I am too long winded as of late. This week they separated the girls from the men. Yes the ladies posed as men. The two plus size (the girls that probably wear the same size as me) models struggled. Whitney is great, however her pictures aren't. The other girl, who's name escapes me, didn't have much of a personality. Mr. Jay asked her why she wanted to be ANTM and she responds, "jus' cuz." Yes, very convincing answer. Well that answer ended up sending her home. So now we have 9 models left, 8 that weight just slightly above a sack of flour and one girl that probably shares the same numbers on the scale as me.

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