Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Self-Loathing or striving to be Madonna?

So I started yoga (with Bruce) approximately 5 weeks ago Monday. And, well I suck at it. Frankly I am the worst student in class. I should have known this because sometime back I attempted pilates, and I was held back. Yes after pilates one at the YMCA they usually promote you, but the instructors thought it would be best for me if I stuck with one for another class. Yes, people I flunked pilates.

How can you be bad at yoga? I am sure this is the question you are all asking yourselves right now, well plan and simple, I am not flexible. When I say not flexible, I am not talking about doing something crazy like the splits - no I can't even touch my own toes. I used to think it was because I have long legs and short arms, however, the truth is I have tight hamstrings or at least that has what I have been told (by the yoga instructor and before that my physical therapist.) My

So why am I torturing myself with yoga, well I have this hair brained idea that despite not being able to touch my toes for 26 years (I can't remember if I could earlier than that) I am convinced that going to yoga will help losen my hamstrings and I don't know bring me to a Zen place where I can receive ultimate joy and happiness. (I would say money, but that doesn't seem very yoga like.) Plus I need a reason to own yoga pants. Also my phyiscal therapist basically that if I don't fix these tight hamstrings I will die - or something equally as dramatic.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Max Turn 4

So we went to Chicago to celebrate Max's 4th birthday at Pump it Up!!! Bruce and I drove to Chicago early Saturday morning (after spending Friday night in Manchester.) We hung out Saturday, went to Target to get some last minute items for the party on Sunday.

Then on Sunday we headed to Pump it Up for the party. It was about 25 kids (ages 3 -5 years old) and a huge room full of inflatables. Yes, being the oversized kid that I am (and coolest aunt ever.) I had to participate in the madness. We had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures:

The kids after 2 hours of running and jumping.

Sophie love climbing the wall. I think she did it like five times. 

Max in the chair of honor.

I think there may be more than 4 candles.



So I changed jobs in March. It was bittersweet. Bitter because it was mid-year and I had to leave my classroom and students. Sweet because now instead of commuting 42 miles each way to work, I commute 1.5 miles.

I left St. Clair TEC after nearly 4 years there. I must admit, it was a great job. I had great students who I had come to know and love. The funny thing about teaching is you really do invest a lot of your heart into it. Maybe because I am blue (for my True Colors people) but it's really a job that you become emotionally invested in. At least I do. I really do everything I can to help my students. Some days they hate it, but in the end, we end up with a mutual respect and affection. I know I will have the same in Lapeer but it just takes time to develop. Most of my students in St. Clair were 2nd year students, which meant I had them for 2.5 hours each day, every school day.

So needless to say leaving my kids was really hard. I will admit, some tears where shed. They are still popping up in my dreams. On my last day, we celebrated our time together. One of my students designed a t-shirt and we got them printed. And we all wore them. I gave them mock awards, like I usually do in the spring. It was a very emotional good bye. While I really do enjoy my new job and I am getting to know a bunch of new kids, who are getting to know me - I thought I would share some of the photos.

Yes, everyone loves Alex's hat.
It's our best attempt at the Myspace photo.
Nate and I.
That's my Martha!
She made me cry.
Me & Kate the Rock Star!
Britney and I.
He's a trouble maker, but I miss him.
Proud Moment

So I had two groups of students (at St. Clair TEC) who where honored by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters for their Public Service Announcements. I am so proud of them. It was nice because my last week at St. Clair TEC, I got to take them to the awards ceremony in Grand Rapids.  Here are some pictures from the trip. Also one of my students posted their video on youtube so you can watch it.

So you may or may not know that I spent none of this winter running. Yes, I the first part of the winter in a very attractive knee length boot and the second half in physical therapy. I feel that I needed to preface this blog with that fact.

Needless to say, I did not train for this run. This half-marathon which I signed up for in October after finishing Chicago somewhat disappointed. So I was like - I am in good shape, just because I had one bad race, doesn't mean I can't have a great half-marathon on my half-birthday, with my buddy (Meghan of the 7:11 running club) in Florida. Then exactly two days later, I am hurt playing rec league Volleyball and my winter running is over. 

So before the half-marathon on March 8th in Orlando, Florida, I trained for exactly 8 minutes on the treadmill, approximately three days before. So I went down thinking, I am going to walk this thing. I will have fun, but I will be walking.

Of course you have to start with the running, so I ran with Meghan - I thought the most I would make was possibly three miles. We ran a mile and walked a minute: 
Mile 1: it's early, there are lots of people (women,) we are having fun and I feel surprisingly good.
Mile 2: I am still running, still feeling surprisingly good.
Mile 3: still feeling good.
Mile 4: not feeling good, but not feeling bad.

Mile 5: Slowing down, but still running. Plus we are in the magic kingdom, so that's fun.

Mile 6: Still running.
Mile 7: Still running - but my legs are super tired.
Mile 8: I know this will be my last mile running. I send Meghan who had done a little more training than myself ahead.
Mile 9 - 12: walking, getting my pictures taken with the characters, enjoying Disney.
Mile 13 - Finish: Of course you have to run at the end, especially because you are running through Epcot and there are people cheering you on.

Finish: Oh my word, I may die. Good, I didn't die.

Oh I forgot to mention - that I ran the race in a running skirt. We bought them at the expo - both Meghan and I. And let me tell you, I totally dig the skirt. 

I find Meghan, however bad news, we didn't remember where we had parked and that is the last thing you want to do when your legs are out of shape and exhausted. But we eventually found the car! Then we vegged out the rest of the day, with a trip to the Cheesecake Factory. Then I got on the plane and headed back to Michigan.

Needless to say, I was sore after the race, but not as sore as I would be for the next three days. I honestly don't think I have ever been that sore in my life. I literally had to slide down the stairs on my butt. I literally hobbled around school. Had it not been my last week at St. Clair TEC, I would have called in sick, but I couldn't so I suffered.

Overall, it was a great time - knowing what I know now and knowing how I felt after the run, I would definitely not run 8 miles without training. But I guess you only live once. Next run, (which I am already training for - I am up to 2 whole miles) is another Half-Marathon. The Bayshore Half Marathon in Traverse City over Memorial Day weekend. 

Oh, yeah that's me and Alice along with the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts.

I had time to hang out with Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu.

Yes, I think I have fairy potential.
The big Epcot Ball is in the distance, I am getting closer to the finish.
I am even closer now.
Yes, I am running backwards toward the finish line and I'm taking a photo of myself. This shows my natural athletic talent, and or dumb luck.
Meghan and I in our awesome running skirts and medals. 
Which by the way are in the shape of a tiara.
March Madness

So the third anniversary to the start of the TiVo Changed my Life blog came and went without fanfare. Yes, TiVo Changed my Life has hit it's three year milestone. Woo Whoo!!  So you may be asking - why no blogging. Well there are many blogs to be written about March - none of them actually written in March. 

Here's a short preview of what's to come:

March 6th-8th Half-Marathon Orlando (without training)
March 9th-12th: Not being able to walk 
March 13th: Last Day at St. Clair TEC
March 16th: First Day at Lapeer Ed-Tech
March 20th-22nd: Chicago for Max's 4th Birthday
March 22nd - Present: Work, School, Work - Laziness, Exhaustion - Work
April 3rd: Spring Break 2009 Starts

So I will get started, but I just wanted to alert you to the fact that though it appears I have left this blog unattended - I have been writing in my head, it's just now that I have actually had time to get what's in my head onto the computer.