Thursday, January 24, 2008

Breaking Political News

The candidate the all the polls and match games say I should vote for has officially dropped out of the presidential race. Yes, Dennis Kucinich quit tonight. The associated press quoted Dennis saying, "I will be announcing that I'm transitioning out of the presidential campaign. I'm making that announcement tomorrow about a new direction." So I wonder now who I match up with the most: Barak or Hillary? Or after their cat fight the other night I may just write in G. Love.
New Addiction

So I have fallen in love with the clementine. Yes, it's the small orange/tangerine like fruit that is easy to peel and fabulous to eat. I make special trips to the store for them. I always end up eating a few of them on the way home - in fact tonight I ate three. They are small and delicious - so I can't just eat one. But it's fruit so it has to be good for you - ok maybe eating five isn't great for you - but I just said good. I don't remember this fruit as a child - is it a hybrid like the grapple? Whatever it is, I will continue to buy and eat them at mass quantities.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friday = Jennie/Auto Show+G. Love

G. Love is coming to Michigan tomorrow night, however, I will not be waiting outside the Royal Oak Music Theatre to be the first in line because I will be a the Auto Show Charity Preview.

I will be working for Channel 4 (aka Olive & Jamie) as a field producer at the auto show. This is my fourth year of working the charity preview. I have had a lot of fun. The first year it was the celebrity trifecta with Tony Danza, Veronica Webb and Jeff Daniels. The second year I was up in the GM loft so we only GM big wigs like Rick Wagner. Then last year, we were back on the floor but we were by the fire exit - I did meet AJ Calloway from Extra - he was the nicest celeb that I have ever meet at one of these things.

Also with the Auto Show - the Auto Show charity preview outfit will re-emerge. I love the pink top and I have really no where to wear it, except the Auto Show Charity Preview - so it will be back again. The picture to the left is not the best picture but it shows the whole outfit.

Then that outfit that I only wear to Auto Show Charity preview will become my next G. Love concert outfit. Yes, as I mentioned before G. Love and Special Sauce is coming to the Royal Oak Music Theatre. Olive will be chained to the preview, but after the shoot is over, I will be meeting Angie in all my Auto Show get-up.

I wonder how the show will be from the back? Well I am sure it will be great. But I hope that it won't be too crazy long, because I have to get up bright and early the next day for the local SkillsUSA competition at my school. I hope this year we will not repeat last years episode of the vomit comet.

Also why I am catching up with the blogging - it's time to talk TiVo. I caught up on Project Runway and I have some complaints. Ok so last week, Kevin was kicked off - after one bad showing. Then this week it was Kit. But my question is why is Ricky still there. Every week he's been in the bottom skating by because someone manages to out worse him, yes I said out worse. And this week was another week - yes he was Kit's partner and Kit was the leader, but overall Kit's stuff has been consistently good. I am not saying this outfit was good, it wasn't but it wasn't like Ricky has done anything amazing: EVER. So just like last week when I was upset, I am going to say it again - Ricky needs to go. I am done with his weepy crying drama and the crappy designs. So who will win, my money is on Christian - the high volume 21 year-old with a lot of confidence and spunk.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Few Signs I am Not Ready for Motherhood

Today when I was cleaning the kitty liter I started thinking to myself, "hmmm, maybe Bruce and I should start thinking about kids because then the kids could do this. I wonder how old they have to be before you start having them do chores, like cleaning out the kitty liter?" Yes, I don't think cleaning the kitty liter is any reason to have a child.

Also the other day I went running and I was thinking - I don't understand why you can't leave a sleeping infant alone in the house when you go for a 30 minute run.

Then there was the point where I was so upset with my cat Stanley that I was about to just let him outside, with hopes that he would get hit by a car or runaway. Then when I thought that was too cruel I thought about the pound. I would like to say I am somewhat justified after he decided to pee in a bag full of expensive electronics. Again, I am thinking these are clear signs that I don't have the motherly instinct.

People keep asking me when I we are going to have kids, right now my excuse is that I am in grad school.

Starbucks is coming to Lapeer!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Olive

Last night we celebrated Olive's birthday with Mango Margaritas and the Cat Bag (as pictured above.) So this is year six of the cat bag and everyone commented on how well it's holding up. I have to agree.

Dinner was filled with lots of fun conversation - however at one point it steered to a conversation of being a fan. (G. Love = Me and George Michael = Olive) Of course there were was lots of discussion, especially with me because I carry the title of G. Love's Biggest Fan. We spent much time on how disappointed G. Love probably was when he met his "biggest fan." A married, midwest, teacher in her late 20's - who doesn't smoke pot. Yes - he was probably more disappointed than he could have ever been with his cure. They were teasing me last night when I said that meeting him was fun but it brought my obsessive fandom down a notch. I heard a lot of "what did you expect?" to be honest I don't really know how to answer that question. Did I think we would be friends? Did I want him to leave with that longing feeling and feeling of lose because he had missed his chance with me because I was married? To answer these questions - hmmmm - really I have no idea what I wanted. I am a self-proclaimed geeky (funny) lady (I would write girl but I am feeling a little older as of late, I have stopped getting carded, my mom told me I no longer look like I am in high school and all the kids at school keep calling me ma'am) - let's face it my patented dance is a horrible version of the robot and I have a serious relationship with my TiVo.

So why am I still pondering these questions the next morning - well it could be the fact that I am about to go to my first G. Love concert of 2008 - quickly followed by another in Chicago and to end the cycle with a concert in Berlin this summer (yes - he will be playing when I go to visit Germany this summer.) I am excited about seeing him in concert - it helps me feel a little younger. Well I better finish reading this chapter for my grad school class that has literally take me a couple days to read - it's only 40 pages, however I think those pages are filled with the same things they put in decongestant because I keep falling asleep the minute I pick it up.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Coffee + Coding

On Wednesday night Tony came over for some "extreme coding" for our grad school project. As in the tradition of Geneva we drank coffee - lots of coffee. I am not sure why but coffee and coding just seem to go together. By the end of the night we were hopped up on lots of caffiene and everything became a good time. It was a good laugh and got me excited about this summer in Geneva. So here's to coffee and coding - however I am not going to lie - I prefer coffee over coding any day.

In other news we are just one week away from G. Love in metro Detroit. Yes, GLASS will be performing at the Royal Oak Music Theather on Friday, January 18th. I am very excited however, I will be coming from the Auto Show Charity Preview so I am not sure how much of the concert I will see and how close I will be, but I hope that Steve aka Travelin' Blues will be there.

I am really looking forward to February 2nd - that's when Olive and I will be traveling to Chicago to see G. Love and Special Sauce with Krista and Megan. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be in the front row of that show!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Enjoying the January Thaw

So when I got home today, I put on my shorts - yes shorts and went running. Bruce and I did a nice three miles in the beautiful Attica park. We weren't the only ones enjoying the thaw - there were several people walking the track.
School is back in full swing. We started our graduate classes today and I had all my students in class. The ones that came back today felt the shock of school hit them, why well they all were ready to talk about break and I was like - hey, this is our third day back - we are in full swing.

I am sitting at the table listening to the NBC evening news and all the political craziness of the primaries. It's Decision 2008. I have taken two "who are my candidate" quizes and it looks like I should be voting for Dennis Kucinich. Who's Dennis Kucinich? Well he's a congressman from Ohio and he is pro peace. That's all I really know - other than all the match games say he is my man.

I had a student who will be voting in the election take the quiz, when she did it, she said, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, she answered the question - then Hillary ended up as her number 1. I won't vote in the Michigan primary because I don't like to declare that I belong to a party - even though I am probably a democrat if you want to call a spade a spade. But I won't be a card carrying member - because I am an INDEPENDENT. Even though my poll says vote for Dennis, I am leaning for Barak Obama - but I don't hate Hillary. I really waiver and I am fairly certain my man Dennis won't make it past the primary, considering ABC didn't even let him in the New Hampshire Democratic debate. So do you want to see who your candidate is? Here's the
USA Today Candidate Match and here is one from Minnesota NPR station.

Well I should probably start enjoying my grad school readings.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Skiing Take Two

Today Bruce, Karyn and I decided to try our luck at skiing again. Yes we had so much fun in Ohio, we decided to try the slopes in Michigan. I had gotten my skis from high school from my parent's house, and believe it or not they were not the oldest skis on the hill.

Our goal was to go to Pine Knob to ski, well Karyn and I were having such a good time chatting in the car that we missed the turn off to I-75 and then we took back roads that literally took us to Mt. Holly. We took that as a sign and stopped the car.
When we got out on the slopes there was freezing rain.

Which made the slopes quite slick. Also last week the weather was gorgeous about 37 and sunny, so needless to say our first words were, "um skiing in Ohio was much better," "when we were in Ohio," "this one time skiing in Ohio." Seems kind of ironic? But we finally got into it and we learned the secret to skiing at Mt. Holly: go to the back runs, the front runs are way - way to crowded on the weekends.

Next let's talk about the world's freaking fastest chair lift. Once you got in it that sucker just took off. As a girl that does not appreciate heights, I am sure you are wondering how I handle the chair lifts. Well I am fine as long as I figure that the fall won't kill me. Well needless to say I think this chair lift at Mt. Holly takes you faster up the hill than you ski down it, so I am pretty sure a fall from this sucker will kill you. Bruce was so helpful with his loving words as we are traveling at Mach 5 up the hill. I did it a couple of times, but I preferred the more leisurely chairlifts.

By the end of the day we were rock stars on the hill once again. I am having fun with this skiing nonsense, now I just have to figure out a way to get a discount. Are there coupons for skiing? I will investigate. Bruce and Karyn are investigating ebay for skis. As it turns out this downhill skiing business can get quite expensive. Maybe I can get sponsored - that being said if you would like to sponsor me, I am willing to wear your name on my jacket or snowpants, put stickers on my skis and or wear a helmet with your name all over it (however, you will have to buy the helmet and did I mention you will still have to buy my lift tickets?)

After skiing we headed in our HOT skiing attire to Great Lakes Crossing. I had never been before, because frankly I had never been inspired to go to a mall that has TJ Maxx as one of its cornerstone stores. But we went and it was fun. Bruce, Karyn and I ate at the fancy food court, then Karyn and I hit the Gap Outlet and H&M. I got a cute new shirt for the G. Love concert.

Now I am home and plan on taking a long bath and reading the girly magazines I got at Target. In other news, my folks called me today from San Juan - before there ship sets sail to the St. Thomas. As much fun as I had skiing, I am not going to lie, I am jealous of the chance to be in the warm sun. But the good news is my body is currently in snow pants condition - not bathing suit condition, so for the sake of all mankind, it's a good thing I am up here in the frozen tundra.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

More New Year's Eve with the Club
(thanks to Heather's Camera)Is that the Skype Outs
a Band of Anne of Green Gables?
We might not be the best skiers but we
sure look cool! Nice snow pants!

The Boys with their Tips Up!

Karyn having fun on the slopes!

Heather, Sam, Zoe & Robert

Lori, Joe & "the Little Big Man" aka Quinn

The 7:11 Club*
*not pictured Meghan

Tony Learns to Ski
(we are such good friends.)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Joe's Wicked Jump

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Bringing in the New Year
with the Club

So we just got back from our Ohio where we rang in the New Year with the 7:11 club (well most of the club - Meghan was at the U of M bowl game in Florida. Meghan was missed.) We arri
ved in the evening on December 30th invading the lovely Smith household (thanks Robert & Heather.)

Bruce, Tony, Karyn, Heather and I brought Rock Band with us and well we Rocked Out! We
formed the 7:11 club's band - The Skype Outs! We rocked it out for a couple hours. The band is based in Europe and so far we are focusing our time on our European fans. we had a lot of fun. We played for a couple hours. Yes, there were no teenagers or kids, it was six adults rocking out in the basement - I mean Europe.

Then on Monday we headed over to Mad Mountain Ski Resort in Ohio. Yes, I said ski resort in Ohio. It is surprisingly large and it's not man
made. I really hadn't been skiing since high school. I was worried that I wouldn't remember but it turns out that it's like riding a bike. We meet up with Joachim at Ski Resort. As always he was dressed to impress. So I guess your could say our running club turned into the 7:11 Ski Club for the weekend. This was Tony's first time skiing. We pushed him pretty far - well we gave him approximately two or three times down the bunny hill before we loaded him on the chairlift. He fell a couple times, but believe it or not he was much - much better than most beginners. What can we say - we are fast learners! I had a lot of fun and so did Bruce. So much fun that we are already planning our next ski trip - will it be Pine Knob, Mount Holly or Mt. Trash-more (I mean Mt. Brighton.)

Then we went back to the Smith house and were joined by Joe's wife - the fabulous Lori and their sweet newborn son Quinn (pictured with me on the left.) We brought in the new year with laughing, telling stories of Geneva, planning our next trip this coming summer and of course more Rock Band. Yes you could say we are slightly addicted. I am looking at my pictures now and I am realizing that I didn't take many photos - which sucks, because I know someone took a good photo of all the 7:11 club (minus Meghan) just after the ball dropped. So if you have photos (KC, Lori or Heather) I will gladly take some. ;)

We woke up this morning (well some of us had to be woken up) and hung out. There was a lot laughter which is usual when we are all together. It was a great way to bring in 2008 - if this is any indication to what kind of year my 30th year will be - things are looking pretty good. We are planning our next event - we are thinking Florida: so Meghan get ready for a full house.