Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pause The TiVo: It's Time to Celebrate
"TiVo Changed My Life" Hits the 200th Post

I realized tonight that I missed the 1 year anniversary of TiVo Changed My Life, that was a week ago today. So in celebration of 1 year (and 1 week) and 200 posts, it's an all in one anniversary post. I must say that in one year's time I have become blog obsessed, as many of my loyal readers and friends (and especially my husband) know. I usually am (hopelessly) promoting my blog. I really have enjoyed blogging in the past, not only posting and keeping all of you up to date with those must TiVo shows, but with reading other blogs. I have found several interesting blogs and I visit them daily, with hopes that their authors have nothing to do but update their blogs. And though I don't know them, I feel that I am friends with them. Yes, I know it's abnormal, but hey, I am embracing the world of bloggers. Looking back at this blog, it has really grown, from my first post with no pictures and hardly a paragraph to the marathon posts like my 199th post with video, pictures and more. As for visitors to the blog, it's growing. I didn't put Google Analytics on the blog until August 27th. But here are some of the stats:
  • From 8/27 to today there has been 2,963 visitors.
  • Visitors from 5 continents, 29 countries, 39 states & the District of Columbia.
  • Top Number of Visitors: January & February: 550 visitors each month, February 19th: 43 visitors
  • Most Searched Keywords: Tivochangedmylife (26 searches), Weavologists (13 searches), Tivo Changed My Life Blog (11 searches)
  • There has been 415 searches
    • Most Interesting Searches: catified, cat snots all over, i vomet, clean up with comet
    • Name Searches of people I know: Mary Lobbestael, Lora Castle Stock, Krista Sahakian, David Griner, and me (Jennie Holladay)
    • Most Searched TiVo Shows: America's Next Top Model, Beauty & The Geek & Grey's Anatomy
So here's to 200 posts, a year of blogging. Those of you who have become loyal readers: Thank You! Those of you who are just passing through, welcome hopefully you will you will be amused enough to stop back by. As for this blog, what's ahead, I can guarantee more on America's Next Top Model, Grey's Anatomy, The Hills, Heroes, G. Love & Special Sauce and of course the mishaps of my life.

Also the count down is on 22 days until Olive and I see G. Love & Special Sauce in Cleveland. I am getting that excited feeling again!

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Griner said...

Congrats on the milestone! I know blogging can be a thankless pastime some times, but it's a great way to keep your writing frosty. (And eventually get rich, of course.) Take care.