Friday, March 16, 2007

MACUL 2007 is Complete

We are back from MACUL 2007, well we were back, Bruce went back down to Detroit to work at Local 4 tonight, but I am currently vegged out in front of TiVo with Tyra & ANTM & Grey's (More on that later.) This morning we woke up nice and early, got some breakfast and headed to Cobo. We had a pretty good group in our session, we talked about producing video on the cheap with free or low cost solutions. We included some sample work and I did a little video from the conference with my Kodak v550 camera and edited with iMovie which you can watch above. (It's nothing earth shattering, trust me.) The only thing, I wish is that we were the second session in the morning, because well I am not a morning person no matter how much coffee I force down, there is a reason I don't talk until I get to school. Bruce and I make a good team. Maybe someday we will become wealthy consultants, we could be good at that, from my experience with consulting its lots of talking, not so much working, its no wonder that everyone doesn't consult. Well maybe nothing will get done. I think the first thing a consulting firm needs is a catchy name. Suggestions welcome.

I am getting excited with our upcoming trip this summer. At MACUL there was a University of Michigan - Flint booth where they were talking up the Technology in Education Global Program. It made me even more excited about the trip! To recap we will be spending three weeks in Geneva and then we will be going to Scandinavia: Sweden & Norway. We are flying out of Olso, Norway. I borrowed the picture from the visit Norway website. Everyone looks kind of surprise when we say Sweden & Norway. I am just getting back to the roots... I am sure you are thinking what? Sweden. But believe it or not, Jennie Sahakian Holladay is Swedish, I get it from my blonde-hair, blue-eyed mother. Yes, I am 1/8 Swedish, 1/8 French Canadian, 1/4 Slovenian, 1/4 Italian & 1/4 Armenian. Ok, I am a true American. You can clearly see it in my parents, pictured here with my sweet adorable nephew Max. Back to Scandinavia... I am excited. I have to do some more research right when I think Sweden I think (besides my heritage), I think Ikea, Swedish Meatballs, Saab (Bruce's Ebay Car - our Saab story) & Volvo (my sister's station wagon.) We have a lonely planet book and now that these conferences are over, I just may have some time to read it.

As for television tonight.. I should probably make this a separate post, but I am going for a potpourri post tonight. ANTM was the makeover drama, no one was that upset over their new look, however, some of the girls had a painful 8 hour fiasco that involved weaves. Jael (the Detroiter) had one put in only to have it taken out. She cried, but frankly, I think I would have too, eight hours of hairdos is a hair don't if you ask me. I included a before and after photo, but I had these kinds of things, because how do you compare a Polaroid photo to one that has been taken under soft lighting and retouched with every girls friend: Photoshop. Renee is coming out as the cynical back stabber of the bunch, which means I will hate her but lover her all at the same time. I like Sarah & Whitney, so far I am not sure who's my front runner. There is a red head who I forget her name but always seems to be crying. Save the tears for real drama, which I think is on the way next week.

Grey's Anatomy was new this week, which I was surprised because I thought we were in reruns until May for some reason, but I am totally ok with not being in reruns. This week, Meredith has dinner with her dad, who is a weak character if you ask me, I too don't want to see him because well he annoys me. Other than that George & Izzy end up in a drunken affair because rich Callie throws George out. Blah Blah Blah, that's getting old. Overall there wasn't much earth shattering, but I did enjoy it.

Right now I am getting ready to do another load of laundry and pop in Arrested Development. Which I almost forgot about, please make sure you TiVo Andy Barker PI on NBC Thursday nights, it's against Grey's Anatomy so you need the help of your dual tuner TiVo, but it has Buster from Arrested Development.