Friday, February 09, 2007

The World Loses a Heck of Entertainer

Whether or not she tried, good or bad, she certainly captivated the audience. Larger than life (hence the picture.) That's what all the news stations are calling her. Anna Nicole Smith dies at 39 years-old. Her death was a total shocker and usually I am not sucked into celebrity's lives (just their television lives), but she is one that you couldn't help pay attention. It could have been her "in your face realty" life played out on television.

And you can't forget her realty television show: "The Anna Nicole Show." Recently she has been all over the headlines after her 20 year-old son Daniel died in her hospital room just after she gave birth to her baby daughter, who by the way there are three men fighting over, saying they are the baby daddy. I was listening to CBS radio at 7 pm tonight and it was the Anna Nicole Newscast, every story about this former playboy model who married an elderly oil tycoon. I think it's a little sad, "why did I know her?" The answer: NO, but I think we will all miss her outrageousness. Whether you liked her or not she was never boring. I can say that despite all the nonsense, I never turned away from an Anna Nicole story. And I must admit I didn't TiVo her reality show, but if I flipped by and it was on, I never turned away. So goodbye to the wacky blonde bombshell, it just won't be the same.

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