Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The G. Love After-Glow

So it's been a couple days and well I am still obsessing over the G. Love concert. I am trying to figure out ways to see them again. However, it looks more and more unlikely. I did get a set list from the show and will be posting it soon, it's helping me continue the nonsense.You may ask, why not post it now, well it's upstairs and I am too lazy to go and get it. Plus I like the tease. I just found out my friends in Chicago: Mindy & Casey went to see him there. They however saw him living it up before the show and on the L platform after the show. Again, I never get in on any of that action. All I have to say guys is where is the picture... come on, puh-lease, let's not be so selfish and think of your friend in Michigan. Oh well, I guess it was not meant to be. I am wondering how long it will be for me to come down from this concert high.

Maybe I can bide my time with another TiVo show... Yes that is right set your tuners kids, its that time of year again, next week February 28th, that's a Wednesday America's Next Top Model with our friend Tyra starts. Also do not forget to TiVo the last of Beauty & the Geek this Wednesday, tomorrow. Who is getting married? Is it Nate and JennyLee? Could it be Scooter and Megan? (That one I don't think is at all possible however, people are searching the web with these questions and ending up here.) It's part of the reason, the TiVo Changed My Life Blog had a record day yesterday with 43 hits. Yeah! Now if I can just get people to leave comments, HINT, HINT, NUDGE, NUDGE.

Today I had professional development, however, by the end of the day I felt underdeveloped. I probably went to the wrong session, it was more targeted for English teachers. The woman managed to slam journalism many times. I wanted to raise my hand and be like as a member of the journalism society (ok I am not a member of any society but well I have a bachelors in journalism from the prestigious University of Missouri-Journalism School so close enough) I object to these false statements and journalist are writers. At least I proclaim to be one, the proof: TiVo Changed My Life Blog. You had to ask?

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taawd said...

some of those hits had to come from glove's people and they're obviously readying that restraining order even as I write this comment.