Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Love Coffee...
Especially Starbucks when they give me a free T-shirt.

Yes, I am a coffee junky. I should have given it up for lent, but I went with another beverage pop. I did coffee last year, and frankly two years in a row wouldn't have worked for me. But anyways I saw an ad on myspace (Angie I know what you were thinking, but I was just reading the G. Love blogs.. ok that is bad. No comments Todd) for a free t-shirt with your favorite drink. The added bonus is that Michael from the last Project Runway is the designer. So I was hooked, however the kicker is they give a limited number away a day until February 28th. They open up the shirt giveaway at 1:00pm EST. I tried yesterday at 1:02pm and they were already gone. Today I was determined. So at 12:58 pm I had the page loaded and I was ready. And with the quickness of my typing abilities I was able to get my shirt. By 1:01 pm they were out of shirts! I can't lie, I am a little proud. My design is above, my drink if you are buying: Grande - Non-fat - Peppermint - White Mocha With Whip!
Click here to get yours: Good luck!

Also set your TiVo's G Love is going to be on Conan tomorrow night singing Beautiful off the new Lemonade Album. My TiVo will be primed and ready for me on Sunday with not only that but so much, including Beauty & the Geek which I haven't watched yet... so don't tell. Bruce and I are headed to Chicago tomorrow via Manchester to hang out with my Sista & the kids. So I will have a lot to catch up on including: Grey's Anatomy, which it's clearly too late for me to get into tonight, because I am almost falling asleep writing this blog and I have yet to pack.


wet cat carl said...

i want a star bucks shirt.o wait i had the apron on.yea that was a fun

taawd said...

No glove comment, of course, but I'm happy you got a shirt. Fine work. There is nothing wrong with myspace. It would make an interesting psychology or sociology thesis for a master's student. Maybe I'll blog about that soon.