Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Then there were THREE....

Three days that is until G. Love. So I am sure you are asking yourself how am I occupying my time as I am anticipating this super awesome day. But until then you can listen to some tunes by clicking here.

Well let's see, now that we are back home from our conference. (I have to admit that today's session were much better for me than yesterday's.) But now that I am back home, it's time to reunite with TiVo. I am excitedly watching Beauty and the Geek, which is such a guilty pleasure. Today they are going out on a farm. Oh I am just to the point where they are showing their outfits. CeCe and Megan choose to wear the worlds shortest shorts very uncomfortable boots and bikini tops. They got to the farm and then they had to complete three task. One included herding sheep. Scooter and Megan won the challenge. I am starting to really like Megan. It came down to Jenny Lee & Niels and Nate & CeCe facing off in the elimination room. In the end Nate & CeCe won the challenge. And wow what was CeCe saying something really ridiculous at the end. I am not sure really what she said at the end. Something about taking a blonde to the ranch but you can't take the swimsuit out of the blonde. WHAT does that mean? The sad thing is now there is no more romance between JennyLee and Nate.

BREAKING NEWS: I just saw the promo for America's Next Top Mode, it's back February 28th. Oh my word set your TiVo for Tyra and
ANTM! I know I am.

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