Monday, February 26, 2007

Belgian Feather Bowling...
Who Knew?

So Friday night, I know I already talked about the weekend so this is not in chronological order. But by the time I got home last night, I didn't have the energy to blog in order. So this is what you get. Anyways back to the bowling, a group from work went feather bowling in Mt. Clemens (the black hole of Macomb County... it's like Pontiac when you drive in you may never drive out.) Some of the cools girls at work came up with the idea I had never heard of bowling with feathers, so it sounded like a good time so I said sure, why not. Well feather bowling isn't exactly bowling with feathers, I feel that it's a mix of shuffle board, bowling and curling. You roll these large wooden discs down the lane and the goal is to get closest to the feather. I got to the party late, due to being completely lost in the black hole that is Mt. Clemens and my inability to drive there without getting lost. By the time I got there they were at the end of the first game. I had the chance to bowl once, but the team had already lost. See the photos. Then the second game started, I was immediately shifted to the other team, in favor of a boy, who had apparently bowled before. Hey, I went with the flow, because well at that time they were charging my drinks to Dave so anything goes.

Well I was put on to the competitive team, who were very nice to this not so competitive girl (the same girl that would sit down during t-ball games to pick flowers, yes that girl, some 20 years later.) There was times when I was asked why I wasn't closer cheering on the team, my reply was I would be if the food and drink were closer. Priorities people, priorities. My team managed a win, and I must admit that I didn't suck that bad, I even scored a point or two. Hence me strutting my stuff in the picture.

The beads are how we kept track of who was winning, as you can see they were pretty heavy around my teams next, because we had so many... ha ha, no thanks to me, but I can pretend. The key to our teams success wasn't the fact it was stacked with guys, it was the cute girl in the green coat, don't let her fool you, Marcie is a feather bowling ringer. The last game was girls against boys. I am proud to say the ladies won, in my opinion it was 9 to 4, the winner only has to score 10 points, when we were kicked out of the lane. So hat's off to the organizers, it was a great time. And if you know anything about schools, organizing teachers is difficult, I think I heard "never again." But I hope that they will reconsider, because I am up for another game of feather bowling, but I call Marcie for my team.


AlabamaAmy said...

AH!! So great to see pictures of everyone! How wonderful. I've been there before- its a good time. By the way, we have partied in Mt. Clemens before- remember the spot where we watched 18 year old kids dance half naked? (that sounds wrong, but you get my point.) It is barely a black hole... more like a dark pot hole- no bigger! Love ya babe. I wish I could have been there.

taawd said...

There you Michiganers go trying to popularize a sport that has roots in Belgium of all places. There they call it "trabollen". Sounds like the winter replacement for cornhole. Geesh!