Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day #4

Ok, I must admit this one I wasn't expecting at all. I thought for sure we would have school, I even set my alarm early so I would be up to make the drive if it was longer than normal. But at 5:30 am the phone rang and it was my boss. I must admit being gone already for a conference this week I really wanted and needed to get into the classroom, but what am I going to do. Bruce had the day off too. So it was a nice Valentine's Day surprise. We began the day with sleeping in, Bruce and I slept until well I think it could have been close to noon. Hey what can I say, we enjoy sleep. This afternoon we also ran some errands: banking, mailing packages and renewing my passport. We had a romantic Valentine's lunch at Taco Bell. Mmmmmmm my favorite.

I got my passport (mugshot) pictures taken at CVS (picture on the left) and if you get them there don't believe them, they lie, she told me I COULD NOT SMILE. Well my picture is a half smile which is well not attractive, it almost looks like a smirk. (I am literally saying, sure let me into your country if you DARE.) But at least it is better than the last one, which I believe was not a picture of my face as much as a blown up microscopic view of every blemish I had on my face at the time. (God Bless Accutane.) So though this picture is bad it is much better than the previous If you think about it your passport is the government's cruel joke. You have a picture that is taken in the most unflattering way: you centered on a white wall ala your state's driver's license, but the kick for this beautiful photo is you get to keep it for 10 years. So when you walk off the hell that is any international flight on coach looking like the walking dead, you then hand this passport with the picture of yourself that looks like you are being booked at the police station for some kind of crime. It's your first impression into a new country which you have to love. For those of us who live here in Michigan, we used to enjoy not having to carry our passports over to Canada, but now that is changing, so I have to suck it up, because the next picture I will take for my passport is when I am 38 and I wonder if I will feel the same way about this picture as I feel about the one that I took at 18.

In other news: just TWO days until I am googling over G. Love and Special Sauce, but mainly G. Love at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. YEAH! Hopefully it will be warm enough for Olive, Angie and I to brave the temperatures to wait to get a front row spot. The big decision is what to wear, I want to look cool, but I need to be warm, oh the woes of being a fan.

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