Sunday, February 11, 2007

Let the Meetings Begin

Bruce and I are staying at the Marriott Ren-Cen for Michigan Conference on Career and Technical Education. We have a really cool view of the River and the Ambassador Bridge. (The picture is courtesy of the Bruce 2 Go Blog.) We will have a full day of meetings tomorrow, it may sound boring however these conferences are usually fun and I go home full of inspiration that usually dies off a couple days later, but I am trully inspired when I get home.

Also please note we are just five days from G. Love and Special Sauce gracing the stage in Detroit. I am so excited. Part of me is thinking wow I have Friday off, maybe I can go to Chicago and see him there too and then I could follow him to Ohio and see him there. I know is sounds like a slight obsession and I am not going to lie it is.

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