Sunday, February 25, 2007

Two Days in Chicago

I just got home from Chicago and I am enjoying watching G. Love perform "Beautiful" with Tristan Prettyman on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. As I sit here with TiVo relaxing from a long car ride, I have realized that my cat's have gone crazy. They are acting really weird, chasing each other around. I am worried that they may need kitty Prozac.

This weekend Bruce, my mom and I made the trip to Chicago. My niece & nephew's school was having a benefit called Blossom, which I produced a photo montage of all the students for the benefit. I was also a photo auction item, well not me, but I offered, ok convinced to edit a photo a photo montage. I made $430 for the cause, well at least that was the high bid. Josh, my brother-in-law won the silent auction for a $30 Hooters gift card. Bruce and I were in a bidding war for a painting at the end we didn't even want it we just wanted to push the price up, which we did. Bruce wore his sweet new argyle sweater, he was hot.

Grandma or as Max my nephew call her Bubba was at home babysitting the kids. We spent all day with them before the benefit. It was fun. They have so much personality. It is fun to see them, they are so loveable. I have some videos... of course which I will post later. I am too tired to up load them tonight.

Today we stopped in downtown Chicago and we ate at the Billy Goat Tavern, which was made famous by John Belushi's Saturday Night Live skit: Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger. Here are some of the pictures of my lunch, I must admit it wasn't the best food I have ever had, but it was fun. Here are a couple pictures from Billy Goat Tavern. It's not easy to find, it's on Michigan Avenue, but you have to go down stairs, it's like below the street. It's in the Road Food Book along with Garrett's Popcorn, which of course we stopped by. It was everyone first time to go to the the "tavern" but it was only my mom's first trip to Garret's popcorn. And of course we got the Chicago mix: cheese and caramel. It was a delicious treat as always.

I watched the Beauty & the Geek reunion show. It was less than stellar. I was hoping for something equally as entertaining as the show, but it wasn't that great. But the good news is the new CW is going to be revived next Wednesday night with the return of Tyra and ANTM.

Now I am in tears, yes, tears watching Grey's Anatomy. It's the third of the ferry episode and Meredith is in "limbo" with a cast of people who have died on the show. I am still not quite sure what is going to happen, but I am pulling for her to leave this "limbo" and go back to the living. Good news, the show just ended and she pulled through. I am glad. I am not sure if I could have kept watching if she died.

Next Post: The St. Clair TEC staff and feather bowling. I was on the winning teams both times, can you see any constant... Ha ha ... I am hardly the key.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Aunt Jennie for helping out our school! Our mom said she had way more fun at the blossom benefit with you guys! We are super excited to go to Hooters with Dad, too! Which day is Kids Eat Free??