Friday, February 02, 2007

Swedish Fish to Sour Patch Ratio: Disappointing

Ok, it's Friday night, Bruce is at the DIV and I am at home feeling crappy with a cold. So what do you do: feed a cold right. So I plopped in front of TiVo, which has a cold too because I had to restart him. Thank God Grey's Anatomy is playing again tonight. Anyhow, I plopped down on the couch with my secret stash of leftover Halloween candy. I know what you are thinking Halloween was months ago, however, I have a ginormous bag of some of the best sugary candies out there: sour patch kids, sweettarts, smarties, lemonheads and the dreaded swedish Fish. Yes, I am feeding my cold sugar.

Anyway back this wonderful bag of delicious treats. I mainly bought the bag for the sour patch kids. I love the sour taste, however, it seems that in the last couple months I have managed to eat them all. So the bag that I would sneak too for the delicious treat has failed me tonight. Every time I go into the bag, I find Swedish Fish. Yes you might think this gummy sweet is like a sour patch kid, but no, it is just a bland gummy, no salty, sweet sugary coating.

The worst part is they are packaged the same as sour patch, so when i dig into the ginormous bag, I think for a moment that I may just have found another one: I pull out another SWEDISH FISH. YUCK! How am I suppose to feed this cold if all I have is Swedish Fish.

The only thing that keeps me going tonight's Grey's: WOW is it action pact. There's so much McDreamy, McSteamy. However, I am watching like a real person tonight, I am sitting through the commercials. So I could guess you say its a crummy night: a cold, swedish fish and watching TV time shifting.

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