Sunday, October 08, 2006

UM v MSU Football that Divides Families
& the Tigers Beat the Yankees
It was a crazy sports weekend for Michigan. Even those of us who aren't sports fanatics get caught up in the frenzy. I sported my green and white for the Michigan State Spartans. (I am pictured above with my super tall cousin Vincent, who was sporting his Maize and Blue.) Why Michigan State from the girl who went to the University of Missouri? Well it was part of my marital vows, I am forever a Michigan State fan. I even know the entire fight song. I do not know the Missouri fight song. I am not the best fan, oh well. I am better at other things.

So Saturday was the big Michigan v. Michigan State game, we headed up to my Aunt Janet & Uncle Jack's house for a football party. However, we were torn, do we concentrate on football or do we watch the Tigers? It's the first good Tigers team in 22 years. And when push came to shove (and the fact that the football game was well a blow out) it was Tigers all the way. It took me back to watching the Tigers play in the early 80's when they were the bless you boys. I can't believe they beat the Yankee's in four games. Now they are off to Oakland to take on the A's.

Ok, I admit, I haven't watched a game on tv this season, but ever since I have moved back to Michigan, I have made an extra effort to go see the Tigers at Comerica park at least once a summer, I made it to a game with Angie and Olive this summer, many summers it has been much more than once. So to see them in post season play makes any long time fan happy. I guess you could say that I am now jumping on the band wagon now that they are on their way to the championship series. We have a time despite the fact that Michigan State was blown out of the water, it was a blessing that the Tigers won! It distracted us from our pain.

After the game we hung out and of course the family band started to jam. Well we really don't have a formal band, but Olivia (my youngest counsin) demanded that the band come out, so everyone grabs an instrument and rocks out. Maybe we should call our band, the band wagon. My job, to dance like crazy. And let me tell you no one has moves like this crazy lady.

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