Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fall Weather Woes

What I should be doing today is raking leaves. It seems like every chance I have to rake them it is raining. So today, as I feel that precious fall weather slipping away, I look outside to a sea of leaves, hoping that we will get another nice day. We actually were waiting first for more to fall off the trees, and then when they started falling we waited so more because our neighbors church youth group is doing a fundraiser and they wanted to rake them. However, I feel that I may have waited too long. Because of the rain, once it's nice, Bruce and I will be raking them all.

So instead of raking leaves, I am doing another fall tradition, especially here at the Holladay household: baking Apple Pies. Bruce bought me this fantastic new contraption the apple peeler slicer. I makes peeling so much easier. However I must admit, it is so easy, I feel that I am cheating, but I don't feel that bad to stop using it. Look at the madness. I was able to peel these 11 apples in no time at all. If only they made a machine like this for folding clothes and putting them away.

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