Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Girl Comes out of the Closet

Michelle, one of the twins, come out to the group that she thinks she maybe bisexual. I think that if I ever want to make a huge revelation about my sexuality I would choose to do it on ANTM.

This is the episode with the appearance of everyone's favorite "Over-the-Top" first Supermodel. She was interviewed by each of the models. They all sucked... even Melrose who won wasn't that great. However she did step it up with her prize, which was a guest correspondent for E!.

Then Tyra came out to have one on one time with each of the remaining contestants. Of course the other twin Amanda finally cried over her sister's decision to come out to the entire house. AJ told Tyra that she feels alone and that she can't stand Melrose. Tyra of course brings it out in Melrose that her confidence that she shows the other contestants is truly hiding her insecurities.

Is it me or does Mr. Jay wear makeup?

The photoshoot was celebrity couples. Each of them were going to be made into both part of a celebrity couple, yes including the male counterpart. Who I am not a fan of Eugenia, Anchal sucked at being Stedman, but didn't do that bad at Oprah. Caridee was Brangelina. AJ was a premadona. Brooke was the dynamic duo of Brittany and Kevin, with a snake. Jaeda looked most like her man: yes she was a very convincing Bobby Brown. Michelle was of course Ellen and Portia DeRossi, yes the lesbian couple. Too completely predictable. Amanda was Ashton and Demi. Melrose was Melania Trump & The Donald. I am actually excited to see how their pictures turn out.

At judging Jaeda, Anchal and AJ sucked. However Jaeda's shot wasn't that bad. The best was when Tyra did her K-Fed impression. The other great line, was when Twiggy asked is JZ was a singer. My pick for being out this week AJ. I think it will be her and Jaeda in the bottom two, but hey Anchal has a chance to be there too. In the end, the panel who got rid of AJ and I can't help but agree with their decision.

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