Thursday, October 26, 2006

Prairie Home Companion Live in Person

Bruce LOVES Prairie Home Companion hosted by Garrison Keillor on NPR. I love NPR especially This American Life with Ira Glass. I can appreciate Prairie Home Comp
anion, but I wouldn't describe my appreciation as LOVE by any means of the definition. So on Tuesday night, Bruce and I went to the Whiting in Flint to listen to Garrison Keillor speak. He told stories from Lake Woebegone, which is actually my favorite part of his show. Yes if you listen, I like those stories, but can't handle Guy Nior, Private Eye.

OK I digress, Bruce and I went. We had bought our tickets however they were giving them to Michigan Radio Donors during the fund drive. However, we didn't opt to for that. But when we were walking in we spotted Larry from Michigan Radio. We stopped by to talk. He said that someone who was supposed to meet Garrison backstage was unable to make it. Then he asked us if we wanted to go back stage. It pays to volunteer. So above here is the picture of Bruce, Garrison and myself.

The best part was at the end of the show. The entire crowd stood up and sang the National Anthem acappella. It was so cool. It was a special moment. I am also including a picture of "The Whiting." Which I overheard has some of the best acoustics in the midwest... those are some accolades.

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