Monday, October 23, 2006

Hanging out With the Kids

So my sister and her family made a pit stop in Manchester on their way to the East coast for a wedding. I drove out to Manchester on a Wednesday night because honestly I can't get enough of my niece Sophie and my nephew Max. They are frankly hilarious.

Sophie just went to the dentist. I asked her how the dentist went. She says to me with a smile, "I bite him." It's appalling and hilarious at all the same time. She has perfect comedic timing!

And Max, he's a little wild man. Check out the video where he gives grandma a lot of love. (Yes TiVo changed my life has hit a new high, we now have our first video. Thank You: You Tube. Ahhhhh, I love technology.) It's worth sticking it out to the end. The laughter you hear in the background is of course, Krista, Josh, my dad and I.

We spent the night running wild around the house, reading books, pretending to be a horse (ok that was just me,) hanging out in Nina's dog cage (yes it was unlocked and at their own free will,) chasing Nina (my dad's puppy) around the house and mostly laughing. They have so much incredible energy. They exhaust me, while at the same time, I can't help but look forward to the next time I see them. I love them so much.

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