Thursday, October 26, 2006

Book Club Returns for October

This month we read the "Invisible Monster" by Chuck Palahniuk, who also wrote "Fight Club." It's a book that is hard to explain. There are so many strange things that happen, but unlike another book we read, there was a nice big (however strange it was) bow at the end of the book to tie it all together. How did we pick this book, well Megan one of my students, who is an avid reader, suggested I read it and I introduced it to book club. Everyone was shocked it was a student suggestion.

Book club was great! I had fun hanging out with the ladies. The book was a little hard to discuss, so our chatter was all over the place. We had a lot of fun, well at least I did, so as leader/dictator of the club that is all that is important. Right? We had fondue at the Melting Pot. I love fondue. Well ok, I love Cheese and Chocolate fondue and of course wine. We also had the best waiter. His name was Bailey, if you go to the melting pot in Troy, ask for him. He loves his TiVo too and watches many of our favoirte shows. Funny enough, by the end of the night I think we all kind of wanted him to be the first man to join our book club. He even had his picture taken with us. Yeah, he's the guy holding up the book.

Ok Wednesday, was also ANTM night. Which of course I watched on TiVo tonight... and they kicked off Brooke, the sweet high school senior from Texas. I was so sad for her, it was the night of her high school graduation which she missed for this competition and they booted her off the show. I was like come on Tyra, couldn't you have a little compassion, I am sure she knew. The producers had to tell them.

Also I am watching Laguna Beach tonight, if you haven't tuned in. Tune in! I love this season. There is so much drama. I know what you are thinking, that I am too old for this. Well I am not. I like Tessa and Rocky, they are my favorites. This week Tessa's crappy boyfriend was so mean to her. I think they are on the outs, probably by the end of the show. What a loser! (My perdiction was right, what a jerk.) And Rocky's ex-boyfriend is a total sleeze. He breaks up with her last week at the bonfire and then at that same bonfire he is asking for numbers from other girls. Of course there is "queens of mean" Kyndra and Camie. Oh they are evil. It's a teenage train wreck that you can't help but watch.

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