Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oui, Oui it's Project Runway ala France

The designers are given the task to design for a jet setter. That jet setter was themselves. They had 1 day and $75 dollars. The designed the outfit, modeled it in New York. The judges scored them in New York, but then they weren't told who was elminated yet. The judges told them there were tickets waiting and they had an hour to get to the airport and get on a plane. When they got to the airport they found out that plane was taking them to Paris. When they got to Paris, they had another judge. The winner was between Michael and Jeffrey. I was pulling for Michael. Jeffrey won, YUCK. I still don't like him. His attitude is still that of a pompous jerk. Especially when the Paris judge was giving her critiques. He was smiling in that smug pompous way. I just wanted to hit him.

Angela was sent home. I was sad to see her go. I must admit that I didn't really like Angela in the beginning but she grew on me. Jeffrey however has not grown on me. He won this week but one can hope he makes a mistake in Paris. Tune in next Wednesday, or if you are like me tune in via TiVo on Thursday. 10 pm EST is too late for this working lady.

D-Day is getting closer, what is D-Day, it's the day the students return to school. Today was the first day back at work with the entire staff. We had the annual watching of the blood born pathogens video. Yes, yes good time. It's filled with lots of bad actors, with what would normally be small injuries bleeding profously. I mean suddenly a paper cut is gushing liters of blood. These people probably need a transfussion in order to survivet hey are bleeding so much. It was disgusting as usual. And as usual I have no disire to touch blood or bodily secretions, students or anyone elses. Thank God for the video.

We also took an all staff picture. (Picture on left.) Yes it was my idea, so I am waiting to get all the compliants. It's like a disfunctional family photo, half the people are hidden behind someone elses head, the sun was so bright we are all squinting. It's well, a good effort. Hey it's a start. I am will take the criticism. Bring it on. I am looking forward to the start of school Monday, I am excited to meet my new students.


taawd said...

I didn't know this blog was equipped with Big Brother like surveillance... hmmm...

JH said...

Yes I meant Michael, I mistyped, but have since corrected it. Also I just wanted to complain about how much I hated Jeffrey's outfit. The pants were too tight and what was with the crotch. Plus the the shiny blazer was so not my thing.

Yes Todd, I have tracking on my blog. It's fun for me... I think I was wrong are you in Arlington Heights. If so I was wrong to accuse you of not visiting. Sorry. Good luck with the computer.