Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wrong Way Project Runway - Why is Jeffrey Still In?

This week's challenge was really cool. Designing for a normal American woman and the models where the designer's family - mom's and sisters. These were not the type of models that the designers were used to, why not? Well I don't think any of them were "model size" but really who is, I am not. The kicker is the designers got to pick their model but could not pick their mom or sister.

All of the designers were super nice to their guest models, with one exception.. a big exception: Jeffrey (pictured at the left.) If you aren't up on their names but have seen the show he is the one with the big Detroit tattoo on his neck. (It says Harrison Detroit and some Italian that I don't know, but apparently he named his son Harrison Detroit- as resident of Michigan, I take issue, mainly because I don't like him, but I digress.) He had Angela's mom, who was a bigger woman.

He was supposed to design with his model in mind. They meet she told him what she liked and he pretty much ignored her requests.
At one point the models were allowed to come back and check in on their outfits. So Jeff's model is standing by his station, when Tim Gunn comes over to see how it's going. Jeff is no where to be found, so he asks the model (Angela's Mom) how she like the colors. She is honest and says it wasn't what they discussed, but she was also very gracious. Jeff walked up and was appalled that she was speak the truth. So he gets his panties all in a bunch and he basically says he doesn't care what she wants and will make whatever he wants. Jeff was a complete DICK! And I am toning it down here. He made her cry.

Ok really is that necessary. For the love of God. Then his mom is trying to mediate, she is like he is a recovering alcoholic/drug addict. Apparently to her that means her son can be a
raging asshole to anyone. Get real people. Let's face it Mama Jeff, your son maybe a recovering alcoholic, but it doesn't make him any less of a jerk. So the justice comes at the end when Jeff has to sweat it as on of the bottom two. Not only did he make his model cry, but he made the ugliest outfit. It was this strange moo-moo like dress with a weird vest. It was oooooogly... But unfortunately he brings too much drama to the show, which the producers like. I was trying my best to will through TiVo Heidi to send Jeffrey and his stupid tattoo home. But of course they kept him and kicked the lovable former Barbie Doll designer Robert Best (pictured to the right.) I am so sad.

Other observations from the show: one has to wonder why Angela was so passive with Jeffrey. I mean I would have been in his face or in the producers face to get his ass reprimanded. I am not normally confrontational but if you mess with my mama, I would be all up in your business.

The winner this week, surprisingly it was Vincent. Usually I hate his clothes, but this week he was designing for Uli's mom. He made her a really classy dress with a very sassy collar and belt. Other favorites: Uli, she is so nice and very consistent with her look. Michael is a shining star. Kaynes outfit wasn't great thies challenge, but he is still very likeable. We also learned the Lora is pregnant with her 6th child. Lord have mercy, wow six kids in New York. She's an architect, let's hope her husband's a doctor or a lottery winner. So the cast is now down to seven, let's see what unfolds next week. Set your TiVo Bravo Wednesday Nights at 10 pm EST.

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