Sunday, September 03, 2006

Labor Day Weekend Activities & Big Brother on TiVo

The weekend started out with Bruce and I working for channel 4 for their Arts, Beats & Eats show in Pontiac (Sheree and I pictured above sitting at the desk.) Let's talk about Pontiac, Michigan for a moment. I call it the Bermuda Triangle of Oakland County. Why do I call it Bermuda Triangle, because once you make it into the city it is impossible to get out. All the streets are one way and go in circles. It's funny that I agreed to work for them, because I after getting lost there just the week before, I vowed I wasn't going back. Back to the show, Arts, Beats & Eats is the annual labor day festival. Its name gives it away, but if you didn't figure it out, there is an art show, concerts and food. The big headliner this weekend The Verve Pipe. Yes, remember the song "the Freshman," it was big in 1997.

I was field producing in the art section, it wasn't that exciting, but it was easy enough. Bruce got to fill the shoes of field producer, a roll that he is not used to. Usually he is stage managing at these live events. So it was hard for him to be in the roll of producer, he said he kept trying to through cues to the talent, which was not his job. It's a nice enough time, Bruce and I went back t
oday, mainly because we had loads of free tickets and nothing else to do. We ate ourselves silly and it was all free, which is the best. Our favorite part was hanging out in Ontario, Canada, yes while we were in Pontiac. There was a whole Ontario tent. We Michiganders visit our Onatrio neighbors frequently. However now that the exchange rate is not in our favor we aren't heading over there as much, so apparently they packed up Canada into a tent and brought it to Pontiac, no birth certificate or passport required. The pictures with the fish are Bruce and I in Canada, in Pontiac, in Canada. If that makes sense. The streets of Pontiac were packed today, I am assuming it was mostly people who came on Friday but couldn't find their way out. Remember its the Bermuda Triangle of Oakland county.

Now let's talk about Big Brother. It's now down to the final four: Dr. Delicious Will, Janelle the big breasted blonde bomb shell, Booger and his Showmance Erika. Booger has won head of household. He says his "chilltown" buddy Will and puts Erika and Janelle up on the block. But Janelle is the Veto queen. If she wins it looks like Erika is a goner. Erika wins, Janelle is out. If Will or Boogie wins, I don't know who will go. Tuesday we will find out who wins power of veto. If you can't wait go to Todd's blog he is now watching the live feeds from the house, I knew it was only a matter of time. But if you want a surprise don't go to his blog, because he gives away details.

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taawd said...

Yeah, yeah, it's true, I got the feeds and it's great. The houseguests have the wackiest sleep schedule ever. Also say hi to Sheree for me. Tell her I miss her!