Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dog Whisperer on National Geographic - TiVo It!

Ok, so I stumbled onto a new show on the National Geographic channel, it's called the Dog Whisperer and it is fabulous. The premise seems obvious, but I of course will explain it anyone. Cesar Milan, Dog Whisperer, (picture
d to the right with people I don't know.) comes into homes of dogs and owners who are out of control. It's like Super Nanny for dog owners.

It turns out that most of the problems with dogs are their owners, go figure, I think it's the same with children. Cesar Milan's big thing is about being the "Pack Leader." The problem with dogs
is people treat them like people not dogs. So once owners turn into "pack leaders" the problems with their dogs disappear. The dogs need to be submissive to their "pack leaders." My favorite things is when Cesar shows dog owners how to own thing in their house, he also wants to see them own the walks. So Cesar uses what he calls corrections.

What is a correction? Well I know it involves the noise "tsch," the he often uses a choke collar or his simulates a bite. It's not a hard and it doesn't hurt it just lets the dog know who's in charge. I feel empowered now. I am using my techniques everywhere. Granted, I am not charging into dog fights, or using my "pack leader" powers with pit bulls like Cesar does, but I am not afraid a yippie small dogs anymore. I am the PACK LEADER.

Now all I need is the Cat Whisperer to teach me how to deal with my over-affectionate cat, Ziggie (pictured with me to the left.) The one who loves me so much that he has nearly smothered me or he the love bites that draw blood. Plus I need someone to help me stop his breathing problem, every time I take him to the vet, they say he is fine it's just a viral infection that he will have it forever. But the cat sneezes and snots all over my house and my couch. I love him, but some times I love to hate him. It's really not a healthy relationship.

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