Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to School

So summer is over. I went back to work on Monday. However the kids won't arrive until after labor day. This year I am a full time teacher, which I am very excited about. This means the I will have two classes. In the morning I have only returning seniors. In the afternoon all juniors. I am expanding my program, so not only will I teach video and audio, but also graphic design, digital imaging and web design. So far, I have been doing a lot of cleaning in my room. I am excited about the kids arriving, but also a little bit nervous.

My hours until August 31 are 7:30 am until 2:00 pm. This is a big change for me because there is no sleeping in until 10 am, I know that is late, but hey what can I say, I have no kids and dog doesn't mind. I love sleep and staying up late, both do not work when you have to leave the house before 6:45 am. It has only been two days, but so far so good. I am also making effort to do my hair everyday. We will see how long this lasts, I am trying to only be a one snooze girl. It's easier said than done, winter is usually the time that results in me wanted to stay in bed all day. Of course I have also had an immediate coffee iv drip in the morning. Coffee is the only way I can even fake being a morning person. Despite all this progress I still don't talk to anyone until I get to school, I am chatty most every other time except in the morning, I am almost mute.

Tonight, I am off to UB40 with girlfriends! Yes you know the song, sing it out loud. Red, Red Wine.... I am excited about hanging out with girlfriends and enjoy the 80 degree weather, because in not to long I will be wearing a coat.

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