Thursday, August 17, 2006

A New Look For School...

So for a while I have been thinking about doing something new with my boring old brown hair (pictured in my self portrait to the left, can you tell I was trying to look fierce like ANTM, however I failed miserably.)

So now I am headed to Sandusky, Michigan. Why Sandusky? Well Machele goes to this "great guy" who is cheaper, than heading south to Oakland County. I am excited and a little anxious. I wanted to do some chunky highlights, but I fear t
hat I might look as if I am trying to hard to be cool. Which is pretty much a constant, but very rarely can be outwardly seen.

So here goes nothing. My appointment is at 2:30 pm, but I am arriving sooner to eat at the most famous Michigan DQ. (Seen at right, we stopped during our Thumb Tour, however didn't have the full Grill experience.) I will be meeting Machele and Haley for a Brazor (sp?) Burger. I am not sure what this burger is exactly, but I am sure that it is supposed to be delicious. So of course I am in.

Despite all this, you are probably wondering what in the world is she going to do to her hair. How could she look any better? (ha ha)
Well think celebrity, who I already look like, no not Mayim Bialik from Blossom, Jessica Alba. Yes I know what you are thinking they do look a like they both weigh approx. 97 lbs and are swimsuit models (so those of you who haven't caught on by now, I hope you can feel the sarcasm, I haven't weighed 97 lbs since I was a single digit ok maybe 11 or 12, I don't remember.)

Stay tuned for the the hopefully fabulous results. Or the announcement of my death, I mean the death of my attempted coolness. Ok that died in 7th grade, but I liked to think it was just on life support all these years and it's family was really religious, so it didn't feel it was right to take it off life support, because there was always a chance of a medical miracle. Until now...

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