Friday, August 04, 2006

My Other Love: G. Love

Yes many of you may know of my love for G. Love. But I am writing tonight to profess it once again. I just got the newly released (August 1) album entitled Lemonade. As I am sitting here listen to his cool voice and the harmonica. So far Hot Cookin' is the song on the album that I keep replaying, but I am also really enjoying Thanks & Praise. Wow, I am falling in love over again. I remember my first concert in Columbia, Missouri.

I am sure you are questioning, is Bruce aware of this love. Yes he is very aware, it was part of our vows. He is o.k. with it, mainly because my affair with G. Love is musical so mainly it's me swooning over my ipod, with the exception of a couple of concerts a year. However this year has been very very disappointing because G. Love has only been to Michigan once and it was with Dave Matthews. Frankly these concert promoters do not realize that I am not interested in anyone else but G. Love. I prefer to be in the front rows of a concert like the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor.

So here's to my one marital exception. G. Love, I love your music, style. So let's get back to Michigan, heck I will even do Ohio. To everyone who is reading this and saying G. who, all I have to say is shame on you. Go to Itunes and download it immediately. I will be sitting her listening waiting for him to come to Michigan to see me.

My favorite G. Love & Special Sauce Song: I-76
Check out G. Love:

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taawd said...

Well, now I have to check out all of those songs. He's the gloved one.

Call me sometime soon and check out my blog. More pictures as I'm mobile blogging more.