Saturday, August 12, 2006

my first place

Meet Ken & Lora Stock (pictured with me.) Ken and Lora are a very charming couple. I meet Lora during my days at The Henry Ford. She and I began quick friends. Why because we think that we could be the most hilarious people alive? I have never meet a girl that makes me laugh so much. She also laughs at my jokes, which I appreciate. Ken is a super creative web designer and lovely husband of Lora.

So why am I featuring this super cute couple on my blog that has to do with what I watch on TiVo. Because you can now TiVo them. Yes, they have been featured on HGTV's My First Place. It's the show that introduces you to someone, in this case Ken & Lora,
who just bought their first place. They show re-do's a room in the house for the new home owner.

Ken and Lora bought their first place after a fire destroyed their apartment. It was one of those really awful times, especially for newlyweds. As they said on the show they are the luckiest, unlucky couple in the world. Why lucky, because their renter's insurance was activated at 4pm Tuesday and at 2am Wednesday morning they left their apartment with just the clothes on their backs and kitty. (pictured below.)

Despite all that fire that turned their lives upside down, forcing them to move in with Ken's mom for a little while, they now have a super cute house and are television stars! You can TiVo Ken and Lora's episode, it will be on again on HGTV on October 4, 2006 at 4pm. But don't expect Ken and Lora to be stars of the show, despite Lora's witty sense of humor, Kitty got the most face time.

As for the episode since I have already seen it, I would say that this is definitely the best episode of the show that I have seen. I have been TiVoing it for a while so that I wouldn't miss Lora & Ken's debut. And they were clearly the best. Also check out Lora's awesome hair and multiple wardrobe changes. Again, she was made for TV.

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