Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Outlet Shopping madness

A trip to the Pottery Barn outlet in Birch Run is always fun, but my most recent trip was the way outlet shopping should always be: bargainragous, or was it bargainriffic, maybe I would call it bargaintabulous. Whatever you want to call it, it was amazing deals.

Here is how it happened. My dad came to Attica for a visit. I was telling him how I have been searching for a storage bench for my "mud room." I want one that I can store in my shoes in and sit on. So my dad suggested outlet shopping, which is a surprise when my dad suggests shopping. So we piled in the car and headed toward Birch Run.

When we get there and out of the blue run into Bruce's Aunt Sandy & Uncle Joe. That was very random. So we are wandering around the store and I notice a pile of boxes that all say 1.97. I tell Bruce that I think everything in these piles are $1.97. He then tells me I am crazy. However, a nice woman has my back and tells him I am right. Which of course he believes her and not me.

Well anyways, all of the sudden the employees start bringing out palets full of boxes marked 1.97. We start opening the boxes to see what is inside and it's crazy deals. I mean crazy. They were clearing out their Hold Everything brand. I picked up a tote bag with leather marked $99.99 for you guessed it only $1.97.
We got some shelves for 4.97. We got a wooden footstool for 1.97. A chair. Suede lined storage boxes.... We got an entire car full of stuff for $25. When we added up what it would have cost if we bought it for full price was about $800.

Yes now those are the bargains that we all hope to find when we go outlet shopping. Our car was packed to the gills. Another couple spent $85 dollars and filled two pick-up trucks. To be honest I had never had an outlet experience this satisfying. However, I of course bought all this great stuff and didn't come home with a bench.

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