Monday, August 28, 2006

Running the Bobby Crim,
Yeah I am Top 15....

This weekend, I ran the Bobby Crim road race in Flint. This is the 30th year of the road race, its an annual tradition for my family. This year, it was me, Bruce, my mom, Aunt Janet, Aunt Val and counsin Jill that all ran. The big race is the 10 mile, I however opted for the 5K, especially with my leg injury (see earlier post.) The good news is I beat my goal of 30 minutes. I ran the 5K in 29:03. I was 15th in my age group (25-29), and no it wasn't 15 out of 15, I was 15 out of 85. Also I beat Bruce by 45 seconds.
Check out the results. This isn't a record breaking run, but it was good for me. My best time for a 5k was 24 minutes but that was oh, 10 years ago. I am hoping that next race, I might shave another minute off. Next run, the Detroit Zoo's Run Wild.

My counsin ran the 10 mile. She is 16 years-old and she is something else. She ran the entire way in a bikini, beads, scarf and carried a boom box. I am wondering if 16 year-olds are completely insane. You be the judge. (Pictured here to the right.) With that fancy get-up she managed to run the 10 miles in 2 hours, did I mention she was carrying a boom box.

As for TiVo, I didn't record the Emmy's because the shows I watch do not need to be awarded for me to know that they are great. Well at least entertaining. And it figures all the shows I watch didn't get awards anyway. All I have to say is Kathy Griffin was robbed. It's crap. However, I did hear that Dick Clark had an interesting moment. I think the way I heard it, was that he should never be allowed to speak on television again. I however felt that way at New Year's Eve. See I love being a television spectator, because I can make those judgements on others, while no one can make them on me, because I am not a television star. Oh the simple life -which I don't watch, I can't handle Paris.


Tom Kaupe said...

Nice job on the run. I think what makes running so popular is that you really only have to compete against yourself. Good luck in the next one!

taawd said...

hey, check out for my start on the site as well as a snazzy link to your blog!!