Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Rest of the Trip

On Tuesday when we arrived, we made our annual trip to Shute's (pronounced up there Club Shoo-tay's) for karaoke. We had such fun last year that we didn't want to miss out. However to Krista's surprise we made sure to go on Karaoke night - she didn't enjoy the beautiful singing as much as we did. I hear that I got up and sang a song (however that is rumor) and I cannot confirm or deny that.)

We also celebrated Krista's birthday at the Shaft again this year. As a July birthday, we always end up celebrating it this week - with cake and ice cream. I think her children may have enjoyed it a little more than she did. Because we had left over cake and of course that meant for breakfast the next day we all had to have a piece of cake in order to make sure it didn't go bad.

On the fourth of July we headed to the annual Ahmeek picnic. It was a great time of family bonding. Babe was a riot per usual. We also went tore up the dance floor with the band. My 79 Aunt Shirley had some of the tightest moves of all of us. But my mom and dad are excellent dancers too - there is a girl that may or may not be me in the video but again, my memory is a little fogging - so I cannot say for sure that is me. I am uploading the video as I write this. Hopefully, it will upload before dawn - for some reason it is slow.

Well we never made it to Copper Harbor for the fireworks - it just wasn't in the cards this year. We were leaving early this morning (on top of the fact that Bruce and I needed to run 10 miles before we left) and the fireworks in Copper Harbor don't usually start until after 11 pm - because it takes so long for it to get dark up there. Copper Harbor is not far from Calumet but there is no major express way to get there so it's about a 40 minute trip. So the thought of getting back near 1 am and leaving the next day - made us all chicken out. However Sophie was very very very disappointed - but don't worry Uncle Bruce to the rescue (and about $20 of gas station fireworks.) We had a small display in front of the Shaft which Sophie loved and well let's just say half way through Max asked to go inside and didn't care that he would have to sit by himself on the coach (yes this 3 year-old is not a big fan of fireworks.)

This morning Bruce and I woke up at 5:30 am for our 10 mile run to Lake Superior. We planned it perfectly - Calumet is on a hill which mean if we ran to the lake there would be a very large up hill on the way back (2.5 miles of an up hill) and well we can handle hills but that's just ridiculous. So we ran downhill for a long time (there were a couple inclines, but nothing major.) Then my dad generously picked us up - therefore avoiding the 2.5 mile steep incline.


Anonymous said...

What about the snare drums??!!!???

JH said...

Anonymous if you want to write up the snare drum story I will post it...