Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's nearly midnight central time (that's nearly 1 am my time) so I will keep this short. We had a fabulous time at the George Michael concert. The concert was at the United Center - we were on the first balcony in the second row- which meant we had a great view. The concert was a lot of fun. And for those of you George Michael fans - I couldn't tell you the whole set list, but he played Father Figure, Faith, Careless Whisper, Amazing, Freedom just to name a few. If you get a chance to see his concert this tour you won't be disappointed.

I started out my trip to Chicago - with a trip to Starbucks with the Sahakadethians. Max was hilarious (per usual) I told him that his coffee (aka chocolate milk) was a mocha. So the whole time he was there he kept calling it a mocha. It's funny when you hear a 3 year-old say - hey where's my mocha!

Then I headed over to the new site of Revolution Brewing with Josh (the pictures are below.) I apologize because I only took them with my camera phone.

Then Krista and I did some gift shopping for my European Host family and conveniently for her- considering yesterday was her birthday and I came to Chicago empty handed. We went to a cool store called Stitch. It was perfect for the unique gift and of course cool purses.

After that we met the girls (Olive, Jamie, Karen & Meera) at the Handle Bar for dinner and drinks. It was fun just chatting and enjoying the wonderful beer garden. Then it was off to the concert. Now I am back at my sister's house and the best was all made for me - and I am tired so I will enjoy it until I have to wake up and head back to Michigan tomorrow. Hopefully I will have time when I get back home to post more photos. For now the camera phone photos will have to do.

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