Wednesday, July 16, 2008

G. Love in Germany

Well I must admit, I was probably the only person who came to see G. Love and Special Sauce. We arrived at the park (which is a lot like Pine Knob) and found our seats. Yes, I said seats, those of you have been with me to a G. Love concert know that I am always standing in the front row. But this time, I sat with Barbara. When G. Love came out - House Man said hello to the crowd in German. However, the crowd (with the exception of me did not seem so interested.) 

They played an ok set. A couple new songs from their new album: Superhero Brother, unfortunately they did not play my favorite new songs which is the first on the album - Communication. Also they did one cover and only played one song from the Lemonade album. They only played an hour. It was a good opening set and really that is all they were was the opener. I knew it going into this but it was really for the experience. Barbara told me she had a good time but she might have just said that for my benefit.

We didn't stay for the entire Jack Johnson set because well I am a Jack Johnson fan, but to be honest after a while all the songs start to sound the same to me. At one point - I could swear he was playing the same song he had already played. The crowd loved him, but since I had to leave really early in the morning for the airport - so we left early - which I am sure means G. Love played with Jack Johnson after we left - but the good news is I am now in Geneva (where Bruce and Joe met me at the airport.) I will write more later about the end of my Berlin trip and G. Love - but now is time for lunch. 

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