Monday, July 28, 2008

The Nice Adventure

Well I have given you a little taste of our time in Nice. I do have a happy update - Bruce made back in Geneva safe and sound. But I figure you are dying to hear the rest of our adventure - despite that it is Friday and we are headed for a new adventure tomorrow.

So travel back with me one week ago: we woke up very, very early to catch our 8 am Baboo flight. Of course it was delayed an hour, but we boarded and it wasn't what we expected. It was actually a Spanish airline that was flying the Baboo flight to Nice. We arrived in Nice and the weather was beautiful.

We headed to our hotel - Hotel Med (which from now on, I will refer to as Club Med.) Our rooms weren't ready but they let us stash our stuff. We then headed down to a cafe for a pizza lunch. We headed back to find that Club Med was ready for 7:11 - which meant we immediately got our bathing suits on and headed for the beach.

If you aren't aware the French Rivera does not have sandy beaches. It was full of rocks. And beaches in Nice are topless. However, none of the girls from the 7:11 club opted for that option. We enjoy how our bikinis look with tops. Plus when you think about it - that could be a really uncomfortable burn.

The first day we went to the free beach - where you lay on the rocks with your towel. Needless to say - the nap that I thought I was going to take on the beach did not happen. But we had fun in the water.

That evening we headed to the pedestrian district of Nice. We had a great dinner with wine at a nice little restaurant that was tucked off the main streets. The best part was a salad, dinner and dessert only cost 18 Euro - which isn't bad for Europe.

We enjoyed the night in Nice. We saw some street performers - one which could have been the worst Michael Jackson impersonator ever. It was funny because we wanted around for his show because his costume was so impressive - but seriously my robot could have entertained more people than his impersonation.

We headed back to the hotel fairly early because Bruce, Karyn and I were waking up at 5:30 am to run 8 miles. Let me tell you it was hard to wake up - but I am glad we did because had we waited it would have been way too hot. However as we left the hotel, some drunk club goers - who were just ending their night stopped us and asked us if we knew of an open restaurant. We pointed them in the right direction. Then as we ran off - they yelled crazy Americans - they couldn't understand why we would get up so freaking early to go running - and at that moment I agreed with them.

Then on Saturday we headed to the pay beach. It was about 25 dollars a person to go, but it was worth every penny. Mainly because there was water with ice - which is not a common practice in Europe. We enjoyed the beach from chairs under umbrellas. And then there were nice bathrooms - instead of having to pay to use the crappy ones. It was a very enjoyable day.

That evening we took the train for 3 Euro to Monte Carlo - Monaco. It was ok - but we weren't dressed for the Casino and the stars weren't lining the streets like I expected. And to be honest once you have seen a huge yacht and a Ferrari - more of th same isn't that impressive.

We left on Sunday and you can read about that ordeal below. Overall I recommend Nice, but if you go to the beach in my opinion it's worth the money to hit the private beach.

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Beach Bum said...

As always, enjoying reading your blog! It's nice to hear a different perspective about Robear's travels (often, it's the only perspective, but he is doing much better than last year about keeping me informed!) Can't wait to hear about your weekend with Swiss Day, etc. Sounds like everyone's having fun-even Bruce now that he's back!