Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bonjour from Paris

It was a wonderful reunion at the Geneva Airport - Bruce came to pick me up with our friend Joachim from Ohio (Mr. Lori of Tails on the Bird Couch.) It was nice to see him in person because my only true evidence that he is still alive is a picture or two on Lori's blog - which by the way you should all read - it is very very enjoyable. See the link on the right. :)

Then we headed back to the John Knox Center in Geneva where Karyn and Meghan where waiting for us - well kind of they were sleeping. Poor Tony missed his flight in Newark due to delays so he was stuck in Paris. He arrived a short time later with of course no luggage. The 7:11 club was complete (well with the exception of Robert who is traveling with his wife and friends - we have had one email from him that indicated his plane was struck by lightening over the Atlantic and their Hotel in London caught fire - oh and he has had at least one Cheese Royale - other than that we haven't heard how his trip is going - hopefully better.)

We headed downtown to the shops so Tony could get some clothes for Paris. After spending some time in the Manor department store - we headed off to the Lake for something to eat. Then we got back to the JKC and packed our bags for Paris (yes we are only here for 4 days so we weren't going to bring all our luggage with us.) Then we turned in early because we had an early train.

We woke up this morning at about 5 am. We had to leave for the train station by 6 am in order to catch the bus and go through French customs (which are convientantly at the Geneva train station.) We made it with plenty of time and boarded the 4 hour express TVG train. We didn't get much sleep on the train, but that didn't stop us from heading out on the town.

We managed to get some lunch at a sandwich shop and eat el fresco in the park. Then we went down to the Arc de Triumphe, the shopping district Champs Elysees, walked down to the Louvre, and ended at Notre Dame before taking the metro back to our hotel. We are all feeling the high price of the Euro - so we didn't buy much. Just enjoyed each others company. There is a lot happening here in Paris - they are getting ready for the Tour De France to finish here - but it doesn't finish while we are here, it will rap up on the Champs Elysees on July 27. It would have been a really cool accident if it was this weekend, but as I told Bruce it looks like they have a lot more to do to be ready - and they weren't working that fast.

Here's Bruce with his Paris souvenirs a new wallet - we like to call it his credit card attache'.

We had dinner. Everyone but me is still fighting jet lag - and I am just tired from two very very early mornings. So after our very long walk and dinner we are calling it a night. Tomorrow we are planning to head over to Sacre Cure (the church on the hill) and maybe go into a couple museums.


Fred said...

I'm jealous. I want to go back.

taawd said...

i love that you are seeing some of the same things as when i was there. i think i even stood in a couple of the same spots. hope you are having a great time!!

Beach Bum said...

Wish we could've made our trips to Paris overlap, but we were on a schedule! We also were 30 minutes early to everything so we would literally hurry up and wait! However, we had a great time and got some neat pics! I'm behind in blogging! One of these days, I'll get caught up! I can't believe how much of your blog I missed while I was gone! You've been pretty busy too!