Monday, July 14, 2008

Jennie & the Bus

Today I ventured out into the city alone. Barbara was at work - I was going to wake up at 8:30 am however, I didn't fall asleep until 2:00 am. So I woke up at 9:30 instead. I went for a short run - then returned to the flat to prepare for the rest of my day. I showered and had breakfast - then I was like ok the bus comes at 19 after I better get down there so I don't miss it. Well to start I was wrong it doesn't come at 19 after it comes at 29 after. So I fooled around taking some photos and then I sat at the bus stop and waited. Well you would think that would be the appropriate thing to do - however I was so wrong. Why - well as I sat there the bus pulled I got and up thought I would get on - but the bus drove right by. Yes, apparently you need to stand by the road like you are hailing a cab. So then I headed back inside to wait the 20 minutes for the next taxi. I occupied my time with email. Once I finally made it on the bus - I had no problems. I then headed with the S-Bahn into downtown Berlin.

Yesterday morning - Sandra, Barbara and I went to a very popular lake area (believe it or not it was the high 60's and people were swimming. We on the other hand enjoyed a wonderful German beverage. Then we headed home for a wonderful lunch of homemade Kase Spaetzle (cheese and homemade noodles.) Then we had to rush over the train station to drop Sandra off so she could go back home. Then in the evening Barbara and I headed into the city. We enjoyed coffee on the street called Unter der Linden (which means under the linden trees.) After coffee we walked into museum row and that's where I headed back today. We had a great evening stroll because the rain had gone and the weather was beautiful. We walked down the hip area - filled with the bars called Orainenburger Strasser. The street was filled with interesting women - here they are called Frauendienacht (aka hookers, street walkers, or if you want to be nice ladies of the night.) I asked Barbara if the police ever cracked down and she said no - it was just accepted in this neighborhood. Ironically all we were interested in was was Eis (ice cream) it took forever but we found what we were looking for. However on our adventure I saw a welcome poster - for tomorrow night's activities. Yes, Barbara and I will be going to the G. Love/Jack Johnson concert in Berlin. Believe it or not all of you who are calling me a stalker in your head - it just happened to be a lucky accident that they are playing here when I am visiting. As you notice by the poster Jack Johnson is the headliner - however we know who's most important to me. Barbara suggested we head over early so we get a good spot in the front. You have to love her! We enjoyed a wonderful ice cream dinner and then headed home.

Today - after I finally got into the city, I went to the German History Museum. It was very interesting. However I was a little rushed for time because well I had a late start.

Then I made my way to where Barbara works and we went by car to far eastern side of the city, to a place called Gardens of the World. As we drove through was was the former East Berlin - I noticed how much it had changed since the last time I was here. However it still seems drastically different from Zehlendorf (the area of the city where Barbara lives.) Zehlendorf is the formed US section of the city - in fact the apartment where Barbara lives now used to be home to American Soldiers. Now they are called the Berlin Penthouse Apartments. They are very nice apartments but the word penthouse doesn't come to mind.

But anyway back to our East German adventured. We went to the Gardens of the world. We ventured to Italy, had tea in China, headed over to Japan and South Korea. You know we hit all the hot spots. I even had a chance to create a zen garden - it turns out that I am amazing - ok I didn't make it but I did enjoy the zen. It was fun, but by the end of our stroll I was exhausted. I don't know why - but it takes me a good four days to totally recover from jet lag. I am sure I do everything wrong - starting with taking a nap the first day, but I just can't help myself. It is impossible to get lots of sleep on the plane.

The other highlight was I drove home. Yes, I am now an international driver. I drove the VW Polo. The Polo is the smallest VW car. And despite the roads being super narrow - I didn't hit anyone including bikers (who are crazy here.) However, if I lived here I think I would stick to the public transit - it is just easier. Well I need to get my beauty sleep for the G. Love Concert.


~Lori said...

Very much enjoying the photos here. Have a great time w/ your man G Love. And say hi to Jack for me...I *luv* him. Not I wouldn't fly all the way to Germany to see him in concert or anything, but I do enjoy his tunes.
Anyway have a great time and when you catch up w/ my hubby in a couple days say "hey" for me.

Fred said...

Great photos. Nothing like a refreshing German beverage.