Sunday, July 20, 2008

12 Miles Through Paris

This morning, we (Bruce, Karyn, Joe & I) woke up very early (5:15 am) to go on our 12 mile scheduled run through Paris. We ran up to the the Arc' de Triumph. Then we ran down the Champs Elysees - which was probably one of the most interesting parts of the run. Why? Well it wasn't the scenery, it was the fact that all the clubs were closing down - yes it was close to 6 am. Bruce made the comment, "Four of us are not like the others." Yes, that would be the four that had slept that were wearing running clothes and weren't stumbling down the street. I must admit that time flew by as I was nervously watching the drunken club goers wondering just what they might do. Good news - nothing happened:)

Then we ran down to the Place de la Concorde - at that moment it was beautiful. The moon was out, the sky was beautiful. It was truly an amazing moment. Then we ran by the Louvre - that's were we hit 4 miles - that's also where Joe and Karyn called it quits. Bruce and I headed down to the Notre Dame.

Then we ran to the Eiffel Tower (which by the way was trashed - yes, the street cleaners in Paris could be the hardest working men in Europe. That is one of the things we noticed - Paris in the morning especially a Sunday morning is trashed. The area right near the Eiffel Tower was just littered with paper and crap. As we ran by the started to pick up all the trash.

Finally we ended our run right by the Arc de Triumph. To be honest I am surprised we made it the entire 12 miles because we have done so much walking - and of course walking up the endless amount of stairs. It was probably one of the most spectacular runs I have ever done - I didn't have a great time per say but it was beautiful. I will write more about the rest of the trip in the next post.

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