Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Trip to Nice the Photo Essay
(for those of you who don't like to read)*

Fly Baboo or a Spanish Airline posing as Baboo.

Joe & Robear

Meghan, Karyn & Tony
One of the many pay beaches in Nice - turns out when the beach is all rock - it is totally worth the 13 Euro for a chair and ice in the water.
The back alley restaurant when were ate are first night in Nice.
My delicious mozeralla and tomato salad.
Bruce's honey and goat cheese salad.
The market in Nice.
More evening photos in Nice.
The Nice Beach at Night.
We all need our special time with Robear.
Bruce shares a special moment.
Karyn and Robear (with Joe.)
Robear and Meghan
Nice is hopping at Night.
We always knew Robear was French!
Monaco for 3.30 Euro via the Rail.
The group outside the casino.
The Fancy Train Station in Monte Carlo Another Angle of the Fancy StationThe Hills of Monte CarloWe stayed at Club Med in Nice - ok it was Med Hotel but close enough.
*I will actually write the entire story tomorrow - but it's late so I need to get to bed for class tomorrow.

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taawd said...

i feel almost like i am there. is bruce cheating on me? i feel so cheap!

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