Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th from the North

We are celebrating the fourth of July in Calumet this year. It has become a tradition (thank you Aunt Janet & Uncle Jack - who let us use the Shaft this week every year.) Calumet is on the tip of the Michigan's Upper Peninsula in the Keeweenaw Peninsula- aka Copper Country. We are having a good time relaxing - hanging out with my niece and nephew (who by the way are hilarious.) Today we will head to Ahmeek - for the 4th of July Picnic. Where we will meet the Ceno Clan (Babe pictured with Teddy above.)

Yesterday we helped Uncle Bert pick up his new to him Ford F150 Club Cab pick-up truck. Before we headed back to the Shaft, Dad, Bruce and I ate at the Ambassador for lunch. The Ambassador is know for it's Pizza and Beer. I must say it was delicious. Then last night we headed to the Pic in Hancock for a movie with the kids. We went and saw Wall-E. It was ok - I could have used a little more dialogue. But Max enjoyed, Sophie wanted more princesses. Believe it or not Sophie and Max nearly devoured this entire tub of popcorn by themselves. Yes we did eat a little but those two though they are small when it comes to popcorn they can pack it away.

Tonight after Ahmeek we will head to Copper Harbor - the tip of the Upper Peninsula for the Fireworks. The only problem is that because we are so far east and north it takes a long time for it to get dark so it's a late night - but Bruce and I have to wake up pretty early because we have to run a 10 miler in the morning. (we have to stick with this marathon training if I expect to make it the whole way.) Then we head back downstate.


Fred said...

Happy 4th, JH. It sounds cold up there...

JH said...

Thanks Fred - it isn't as cold in the summer but it's not the place to visit in the winter if you aren't a big fan of snow - by the feet.