Tuesday, July 08, 2008

First I take Chicago, then I take Berlin.

Well as usual I won't be home for long. Today I am going pack my bags for Europe Extravaganza #2 (well 3 technically if you are counting Bratislava.) As you can see I am avoiding packing, well avoiding the laundry that goes with packing is more like it. Then tomorrow I take off for a day to the windy city for my first ever George Michael Concert!!!!

George Michael? I am sure you are asking yourself, I was unaware that Jennie was such a big George Michael fan that she would go to a concert, while she should be preparing for her trip. Well I am a George Michael fan, but Olive is George Michael's Biggest Fan. This is my one opportunity to see a concert with her this summer on his first American tour in a very very long time (she would know exactly how long) I didn't want to miss out on the experience. See Olive has been with me on every G. Love and Special Sauce experience in recent years, including the making of the "Biggest Fan Video." So I am mainly heading to Chicago to see Olive in all of her glory - just as she traveled with me to Cleveland, Toledo, Grand Rapids and Chicago to see G. Love. I also do enjoy George Michael - so it's a plus on both sides.

Olive and Jamie headed out today, but I am back home finishing my laundry and packing for the next trip. I will follow out tomorrow. This will also give me a chance to stop by my sister's house and wish her a very happy birthday in person. Then we will head over to their restaurant - The Handle Bar for dinner and happy hour - before heading to the United Center for GEORGE!!!!

Then on Friday - I fly to Berlin to visit the NiederstraBer Family. I meet Harald, Barbara and Sandra when I traveled to Germany in the summer of 1998 for an exchange program. They were my host family - and now I consider them my family. They have always been so warm and loving towards me. I have visited them several times since 1998 and they have always treated me like a family member. I wish I could return the favor the problem is they don't make it to the states much. Every time I go to Europe - I try to make it to Germany so that I can see them. They also help me with my German Language skills - I must admit that without practice my German is poor at best. But they tolerate my slip ups and even help me so that by the time I leave I sound like a well spoken 5th grader.

However if anyone has gift advice I am dying for some... I am not sure what to bring over with me. I have given them Michigan t-shirts galore. Last year I brought some hand-blown glass ornaments from Greenfield Village. Any ideas? Please comment.

Bruce opted out of this trip to Germany because well there isn't much English spoken and as I said before, my German doesn't not a translator make. So I will leave him to hold down the fort for a couple days and then we will meet up in Geneva - prior to the 7:11 event in Paris.

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~Lori said...

I'm always a fan of the gift of food. Something native to Lapeer county, maybe?

p.s.- have a great time in Europe. I'm looking forward to the stories of "the 7:11 club, part 2".