Thursday, August 31, 2006

Oui, Oui it's Project Runway ala France

The designers are given the task to design for a jet setter. That jet setter was themselves. They had 1 day and $75 dollars. The designed the outfit, modeled it in New York. The judges scored them in New York, but then they weren't told who was elminated yet. The judges told them there were tickets waiting and they had an hour to get to the airport and get on a plane. When they got to the airport they found out that plane was taking them to Paris. When they got to Paris, they had another judge. The winner was between Michael and Jeffrey. I was pulling for Michael. Jeffrey won, YUCK. I still don't like him. His attitude is still that of a pompous jerk. Especially when the Paris judge was giving her critiques. He was smiling in that smug pompous way. I just wanted to hit him.

Angela was sent home. I was sad to see her go. I must admit that I didn't really like Angela in the beginning but she grew on me. Jeffrey however has not grown on me. He won this week but one can hope he makes a mistake in Paris. Tune in next Wednesday, or if you are like me tune in via TiVo on Thursday. 10 pm EST is too late for this working lady.

D-Day is getting closer, what is D-Day, it's the day the students return to school. Today was the first day back at work with the entire staff. We had the annual watching of the blood born pathogens video. Yes, yes good time. It's filled with lots of bad actors, with what would normally be small injuries bleeding profously. I mean suddenly a paper cut is gushing liters of blood. These people probably need a transfussion in order to survivet hey are bleeding so much. It was disgusting as usual. And as usual I have no disire to touch blood or bodily secretions, students or anyone elses. Thank God for the video.

We also took an all staff picture. (Picture on left.) Yes it was my idea, so I am waiting to get all the compliants. It's like a disfunctional family photo, half the people are hidden behind someone elses head, the sun was so bright we are all squinting. It's well, a good effort. Hey it's a start. I am will take the criticism. Bring it on. I am looking forward to the start of school Monday, I am excited to meet my new students.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Running the Bobby Crim,
Yeah I am Top 15....

This weekend, I ran the Bobby Crim road race in Flint. This is the 30th year of the road race, its an annual tradition for my family. This year, it was me, Bruce, my mom, Aunt Janet, Aunt Val and counsin Jill that all ran. The big race is the 10 mile, I however opted for the 5K, especially with my leg injury (see earlier post.) The good news is I beat my goal of 30 minutes. I ran the 5K in 29:03. I was 15th in my age group (25-29), and no it wasn't 15 out of 15, I was 15 out of 85. Also I beat Bruce by 45 seconds.
Check out the results. This isn't a record breaking run, but it was good for me. My best time for a 5k was 24 minutes but that was oh, 10 years ago. I am hoping that next race, I might shave another minute off. Next run, the Detroit Zoo's Run Wild.

My counsin ran the 10 mile. She is 16 years-old and she is something else. She ran the entire way in a bikini, beads, scarf and carried a boom box. I am wondering if 16 year-olds are completely insane. You be the judge. (Pictured here to the right.) With that fancy get-up she managed to run the 10 miles in 2 hours, did I mention she was carrying a boom box.

As for TiVo, I didn't record the Emmy's because the shows I watch do not need to be awarded for me to know that they are great. Well at least entertaining. And it figures all the shows I watch didn't get awards anyway. All I have to say is Kathy Griffin was robbed. It's crap. However, I did hear that Dick Clark had an interesting moment. I think the way I heard it, was that he should never be allowed to speak on television again. I however felt that way at New Year's Eve. See I love being a television spectator, because I can make those judgements on others, while no one can make them on me, because I am not a television star. Oh the simple life -which I don't watch, I can't handle Paris.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wrong Way Project Runway - Why is Jeffrey Still In?

This week's challenge was really cool. Designing for a normal American woman and the models where the designer's family - mom's and sisters. These were not the type of models that the designers were used to, why not? Well I don't think any of them were "model size" but really who is, I am not. The kicker is the designers got to pick their model but could not pick their mom or sister.

All of the designers were super nice to their guest models, with one exception.. a big exception: Jeffrey (pictured at the left.) If you aren't up on their names but have seen the show he is the one with the big Detroit tattoo on his neck. (It says Harrison Detroit and some Italian that I don't know, but apparently he named his son Harrison Detroit- as resident of Michigan, I take issue, mainly because I don't like him, but I digress.) He had Angela's mom, who was a bigger woman.

He was supposed to design with his model in mind. They meet she told him what she liked and he pretty much ignored her requests.
At one point the models were allowed to come back and check in on their outfits. So Jeff's model is standing by his station, when Tim Gunn comes over to see how it's going. Jeff is no where to be found, so he asks the model (Angela's Mom) how she like the colors. She is honest and says it wasn't what they discussed, but she was also very gracious. Jeff walked up and was appalled that she was speak the truth. So he gets his panties all in a bunch and he basically says he doesn't care what she wants and will make whatever he wants. Jeff was a complete DICK! And I am toning it down here. He made her cry.

Ok really is that necessary. For the love of God. Then his mom is trying to mediate, she is like he is a recovering alcoholic/drug addict. Apparently to her that means her son can be a
raging asshole to anyone. Get real people. Let's face it Mama Jeff, your son maybe a recovering alcoholic, but it doesn't make him any less of a jerk. So the justice comes at the end when Jeff has to sweat it as on of the bottom two. Not only did he make his model cry, but he made the ugliest outfit. It was this strange moo-moo like dress with a weird vest. It was oooooogly... But unfortunately he brings too much drama to the show, which the producers like. I was trying my best to will through TiVo Heidi to send Jeffrey and his stupid tattoo home. But of course they kept him and kicked the lovable former Barbie Doll designer Robert Best (pictured to the right.) I am so sad.

Other observations from the show: one has to wonder why Angela was so passive with Jeffrey. I mean I would have been in his face or in the producers face to get his ass reprimanded. I am not normally confrontational but if you mess with my mama, I would be all up in your business.

The winner this week, surprisingly it was Vincent. Usually I hate his clothes, but this week he was designing for Uli's mom. He made her a really classy dress with a very sassy collar and belt. Other favorites: Uli, she is so nice and very consistent with her look. Michael is a shining star. Kaynes outfit wasn't great thies challenge, but he is still very likeable. We also learned the Lora is pregnant with her 6th child. Lord have mercy, wow six kids in New York. She's an architect, let's hope her husband's a doctor or a lottery winner. So the cast is now down to seven, let's see what unfolds next week. Set your TiVo Bravo Wednesday Nights at 10 pm EST.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last Night: UB40 - Today: I B Tired

O.k. I know it's lame, but hey when you are as tired as I am at this moment, being clever and witty seem to be only distant memories. Last night I went with Olive and Angie (pictured below) to the UB40 concert. I thought the only song I knew was Red, Red Wine, however I knew many more. It was the most fun to people watch. The audience was filled with middle aged - mostly men - mostly white - who can't dance. Despite the fact that they couldn't dance, they did. The most amazing spectical was the woman with who brought a prop: it was a small towel that she used to swing around, like a lasso. And when neede it could be used to wipe her brow of sweat. It was fun, but when I woke up this morning I was regretting it strolling in a 1 am.

So now I am home and kickin' back with TiVo watching my new addiction: Big Brother All Stars. (Thank you Todd & Andrea.) Holy cow this show is bad, but I am loving every minute of it. All I have to say is I never thought Head of Household, Power of Veto and Chill Town would be part of my vocabulary, but now it is. This game is full of alliances, lying and complete and utter nonsense. So left in the house we have a deceiving doctor and his crazy partner Boogie (which I have is decided short for booger), booger's secret fake-breasted girlfriend, a blonde bimbo, a whining frat boy and Chicken George.

So here's the skinny on how this silly show works: every week the "house guests" battle in a silly game every week to determine who is Head of Household. The head of household nominates two people who the other house guests will potentially be voted out of the house. But before the vote there is another competition where the house guest battle for the "power of veto." The power of veto lets that house guest veto the head of households nomination or do nothing. Of course if you are nominated you want the power of veto and if you are the head of household you want it because you don't want your nominations to change.

If you are a real die hard fan you can watch a live feed from the house and know what is happening before it airs. I don't think I could ever be that obsessed, who knows we all have a our moments. Big Brother is on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is good because I am constantly craving more drama. I need something to get me through the week, really it's just passing time until the next new episode of Project Runway, which is TONIGHT! However, with me being so tired, I think I will have to rely on TiVo and watch it tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to School

So summer is over. I went back to work on Monday. However the kids won't arrive until after labor day. This year I am a full time teacher, which I am very excited about. This means the I will have two classes. In the morning I have only returning seniors. In the afternoon all juniors. I am expanding my program, so not only will I teach video and audio, but also graphic design, digital imaging and web design. So far, I have been doing a lot of cleaning in my room. I am excited about the kids arriving, but also a little bit nervous.

My hours until August 31 are 7:30 am until 2:00 pm. This is a big change for me because there is no sleeping in until 10 am, I know that is late, but hey what can I say, I have no kids and dog doesn't mind. I love sleep and staying up late, both do not work when you have to leave the house before 6:45 am. It has only been two days, but so far so good. I am also making effort to do my hair everyday. We will see how long this lasts, I am trying to only be a one snooze girl. It's easier said than done, winter is usually the time that results in me wanted to stay in bed all day. Of course I have also had an immediate coffee iv drip in the morning. Coffee is the only way I can even fake being a morning person. Despite all this progress I still don't talk to anyone until I get to school, I am chatty most every other time except in the morning, I am almost mute.

Tonight, I am off to UB40 with girlfriends! Yes you know the song, sing it out loud. Red, Red Wine.... I am excited about hanging out with girlfriends and enjoy the 80 degree weather, because in not to long I will be wearing a coat.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

a running frustration
So here's the deal, I have been enjoying a wonderful summer of running (unfortunately despite the summer of running, I still don't look like that picture above.) It like watching TiVo is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately I am not as spry as I once was and either too much running or these crazy incline sit-ups has put me on the bench. I have hurt a muscle in my upper thigh/hip area. From the little research I have done (a.k.a calling my Uncle Jimmy who has a masters in exercise physiology) I have determined that I have pulled/injured my ischiofemoral ligament, or it could be the pubofemoral or iliofemoral ligaments, they are all in the same area. (See the picture to the right, you can click on it to make it larger.) Regardless of the ligament, I have had to take time off running. Right now I am at 6 days with no running. It is hard especially when I was enjoying my last week of summer vacation, sitting starring at the beautiful weather not able to go running or walking, because that made it hurt too. Tomorrow will be a one week and I want to try to run again, but I am a little afraid that it might be too soon. If I have learned anything with injuries its bad to go back to soon. But my heart says run, my brain says wait, no run, no wait. I know what you are thinking, there are a few too many voices. I am signed up to run a 5K at the Bobby Crim next Saturday, I was hoping to break 30 minutes. (those of you who may be serious runners now know that I am not in your league. Hey I am proud of breaking a 10 minute mile.) However if I haven't run in two weeks before the race, I will be lucky to keep my normal pace. So on 75 degree days like this when I should be running with my dog at the park, I have resorted into power washing my porch and cleaning windows. From one obsession to the next.

On another note: back to the new hair. Have you ever gotten your hair done drastically different, however there is no one to notice. Of course my husband noticed, but other than that I haven't really seen anyone else I know. We keep going out and I look at strangers or people who check me in the at the gym, regulars at the gym, cashiers who have checked me out before at Walmart, anyone who may have seen me once before expecting them to comment on how much they like the change, but the kicker is they don't know it's a change. Bruce and I were supposed to go to his family picnic yesterday where I was sure that someone might notice, but it was raining and Bruce had to work so we didn't go. I saw my neighbor and he looked at me and you could tell he was like I know there is something different about you, but I have no idea what it is. So hopefully my co-workers will notice, because frankly I need confirmation of change. Thank you for those who commented on my blog. And I know this sounds silly but it isn't, I need people to notice and say they like it, even it they are lying. Girls, I know you know what I am talking about. I just feel like it was such a big change, that the next couple days people should be stopping me in the streets saying, did you do something to your hair, girl it's fabulous. This means only one thing, I need more gay men in my life, next step find out where they hang out in Lapeer county and befriend them.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Book Club Rocks...

Is three books a successful book club, I say so. Here we are at our third official meeting. The book we read: The Cinderella Pack. This is a very predictable chick lit book. Next book: My Sister's Keeper. This book is much deeper and will probably lead to a little more discussion.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

New hair do!

Here are the before and afters at the J. Tease Salon in Sandusky, Michigan. Pictured with me is future ANTM star Haley.

This the picture I took in the car on the way home from the salon.

A New Look For School...

So for a while I have been thinking about doing something new with my boring old brown hair (pictured in my self portrait to the left, can you tell I was trying to look fierce like ANTM, however I failed miserably.)

So now I am headed to Sandusky, Michigan. Why Sandusky? Well Machele goes to this "great guy" who is cheaper, than heading south to Oakland County. I am excited and a little anxious. I wanted to do some chunky highlights, but I fear t
hat I might look as if I am trying to hard to be cool. Which is pretty much a constant, but very rarely can be outwardly seen.

So here goes nothing. My appointment is at 2:30 pm, but I am arriving sooner to eat at the most famous Michigan DQ. (Seen at right, we stopped during our Thumb Tour, however didn't have the full Grill experience.) I will be meeting Machele and Haley for a Brazor (sp?) Burger. I am not sure what this burger is exactly, but I am sure that it is supposed to be delicious. So of course I am in.

Despite all this, you are probably wondering what in the world is she going to do to her hair. How could she look any better? (ha ha)
Well think celebrity, who I already look like, no not Mayim Bialik from Blossom, Jessica Alba. Yes I know what you are thinking they do look a like they both weigh approx. 97 lbs and are swimsuit models (so those of you who haven't caught on by now, I hope you can feel the sarcasm, I haven't weighed 97 lbs since I was a single digit ok maybe 11 or 12, I don't remember.)

Stay tuned for the the hopefully fabulous results. Or the announcement of my death, I mean the death of my attempted coolness. Ok that died in 7th grade, but I liked to think it was just on life support all these years and it's family was really religious, so it didn't feel it was right to take it off life support, because there was always a chance of a medical miracle. Until now...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

And We Have Pie!

The end result of the blueberry picking. Yum, I am just waiting for Bruce to come home with the vanilla ice cream.

Blueberry Picking

Today Bruce and I went blueberry picking in Capac. To be exact we were at the King's Blueridge Blueberry Farm. We tried to go the farm in Imlay City, but they are apparently only open on Sunday & Saturday. So now we are forever committed to picking our blueberries in St. Clair County.

I have not been blueberry picking since I went with my mom as a little kid in Dexter, Michigan. It is fun, especially eating your body weight in blueberries while you are there. However, I did pick more for my bucket than I ate, which was first. See I must be getting more responsible as I grow older. I maintain that I am just product testing while I am there, I want to make sure that I like the berries from the bush I am picking from. Plus blueberries are high in anti-oxidants: so I figure I am fighting cancer at the same time.

When we got there they warned us that it wasn't very good pickin's but none the less we came home with 6 pounds of blueberries. Please note that I picked 4 of those pounds (pictured above,) Bruce picked 2. It is a steal though, u-pick blueberries are $1.50 a pound, compare to the $2.50 you spend at the store.

Plus when you pick you get to enjoy time outdoors. And the sound machines in the fields that are supposed to keep the birds away, they changed between high pitch chirping, to what I thought were the sounds of seagulls, to crows to this weird dying cow sounds. Needless to say the best blueberries where found around these machines. Mainly because I think no one wanted to pick there for fear of going insane. At one point when I was close to these noise machines, I could swear that any minutes I was going to be chased down by crows and eaten alive. Who knows? Maybe other people don't have the imagination I do or haven't seen Tippie Hedren in Birds.

We spent about an hour picking, Bruce however started asking if we could leave at 30 minutes. We bought some homemade molasses cookies that were fab and now I have to figure out what to do with my hordes of blueberries. I believe a pie is in order with vanilla ice cream!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Who is the Pack Leader?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dog Whisperer on National Geographic - TiVo It!

Ok, so I stumbled onto a new show on the National Geographic channel, it's called the Dog Whisperer and it is fabulous. The premise seems obvious, but I of course will explain it anyone. Cesar Milan, Dog Whisperer, (picture
d to the right with people I don't know.) comes into homes of dogs and owners who are out of control. It's like Super Nanny for dog owners.

It turns out that most of the problems with dogs are their owners, go figure, I think it's the same with children. Cesar Milan's big thing is about being the "Pack Leader." The problem with dogs
is people treat them like people not dogs. So once owners turn into "pack leaders" the problems with their dogs disappear. The dogs need to be submissive to their "pack leaders." My favorite things is when Cesar shows dog owners how to own thing in their house, he also wants to see them own the walks. So Cesar uses what he calls corrections.

What is a correction? Well I know it involves the noise "tsch," the he often uses a choke collar or his simulates a bite. It's not a hard and it doesn't hurt it just lets the dog know who's in charge. I feel empowered now. I am using my techniques everywhere. Granted, I am not charging into dog fights, or using my "pack leader" powers with pit bulls like Cesar does, but I am not afraid a yippie small dogs anymore. I am the PACK LEADER.

Now all I need is the Cat Whisperer to teach me how to deal with my over-affectionate cat, Ziggie (pictured with me to the left.) The one who loves me so much that he has nearly smothered me or he the love bites that draw blood. Plus I need someone to help me stop his breathing problem, every time I take him to the vet, they say he is fine it's just a viral infection that he will have it forever. But the cat sneezes and snots all over my house and my couch. I love him, but some times I love to hate him. It's really not a healthy relationship.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

my first place

Meet Ken & Lora Stock (pictured with me.) Ken and Lora are a very charming couple. I meet Lora during my days at The Henry Ford. She and I began quick friends. Why because we think that we could be the most hilarious people alive? I have never meet a girl that makes me laugh so much. She also laughs at my jokes, which I appreciate. Ken is a super creative web designer and lovely husband of Lora.

So why am I featuring this super cute couple on my blog that has to do with what I watch on TiVo. Because you can now TiVo them. Yes, they have been featured on HGTV's My First Place. It's the show that introduces you to someone, in this case Ken & Lora,
who just bought their first place. They show re-do's a room in the house for the new home owner.

Ken and Lora bought their first place after a fire destroyed their apartment. It was one of those really awful times, especially for newlyweds. As they said on the show they are the luckiest, unlucky couple in the world. Why lucky, because their renter's insurance was activated at 4pm Tuesday and at 2am Wednesday morning they left their apartment with just the clothes on their backs and kitty. (pictured below.)

Despite all that fire that turned their lives upside down, forcing them to move in with Ken's mom for a little while, they now have a super cute house and are television stars! You can TiVo Ken and Lora's episode, it will be on again on HGTV on October 4, 2006 at 4pm. But don't expect Ken and Lora to be stars of the show, despite Lora's witty sense of humor, Kitty got the most face time.

As for the episode since I have already seen it, I would say that this is definitely the best episode of the show that I have seen. I have been TiVoing it for a while so that I wouldn't miss Lora & Ken's debut. And they were clearly the best. Also check out Lora's awesome hair and multiple wardrobe changes. Again, she was made for TV.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Outlet Shopping madness

A trip to the Pottery Barn outlet in Birch Run is always fun, but my most recent trip was the way outlet shopping should always be: bargainragous, or was it bargainriffic, maybe I would call it bargaintabulous. Whatever you want to call it, it was amazing deals.

Here is how it happened. My dad came to Attica for a visit. I was telling him how I have been searching for a storage bench for my "mud room." I want one that I can store in my shoes in and sit on. So my dad suggested outlet shopping, which is a surprise when my dad suggests shopping. So we piled in the car and headed toward Birch Run.

When we get there and out of the blue run into Bruce's Aunt Sandy & Uncle Joe. That was very random. So we are wandering around the store and I notice a pile of boxes that all say 1.97. I tell Bruce that I think everything in these piles are $1.97. He then tells me I am crazy. However, a nice woman has my back and tells him I am right. Which of course he believes her and not me.

Well anyways, all of the sudden the employees start bringing out palets full of boxes marked 1.97. We start opening the boxes to see what is inside and it's crazy deals. I mean crazy. They were clearing out their Hold Everything brand. I picked up a tote bag with leather marked $99.99 for you guessed it only $1.97.
We got some shelves for 4.97. We got a wooden footstool for 1.97. A chair. Suede lined storage boxes.... We got an entire car full of stuff for $25. When we added up what it would have cost if we bought it for full price was about $800.

Yes now those are the bargains that we all hope to find when we go outlet shopping. Our car was packed to the gills. Another couple spent $85 dollars and filled two pick-up trucks. To be honest I had never had an outlet experience this satisfying. However, I of course bought all this great stuff and didn't come home with a bench.

Nina's visit to Birch Run Outlet mall.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Puppy Visit

Isn't Nina cute?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Go Tigers...

Today I went to see the Tigers beat the Cleveland Indians 1-0. I went with Angie and Olive, however I was told that they did not want to see that picture up on the blog. I was going to tempt fate because I think very few people read this blog, but I decided not to. It was a hot fun, very very sweaty day. Just call me Sweaty Betty, which I am actually consider changing my name to call me Mrs. Betty, Sweaty Betty. I think it would be a big hit with the kids.

Now I am at home in the air conditioning enjoying my friend Kathy Griffin. I have been enjoying a lot of reality lately, like Making the Band 3. I must admit I have a little crush on P Diddy. It's not a big one, but their is something about that man's cockiness.

The Hills had it's season finale. And all I have say I can't be LC would skip Paris for Jason. Come on I know that you don't really need experience because you are on MTV, but it's a Teen Vogue and Paris. I would have said the hell with Jason and hopped the next plane to Paris.

Then there is of course, Project Runway. They kicked off Keith because he had fashion "how-to" books in his room. Which I am sure is against the rules, but it wasn't was I expecting. I wanted sabotage or a fight. Wouldn't that have been hilarious a cat fight between two designers. Uli seems so meek and mild but Keith pushed her over the edge when he slapped her. Ok it didn't happen, but it would have exciting. As for the rest of the show, it was good. Angela won the competition and Bonnie was ousted. I am ready for it to continue, sometimes I wish I didn't watch until the end of the season and then watch the marathon all in one day, like I did with Sex in the City.

Friday, August 04, 2006

My Other Love: G. Love

Yes many of you may know of my love for G. Love. But I am writing tonight to profess it once again. I just got the newly released (August 1) album entitled Lemonade. As I am sitting here listen to his cool voice and the harmonica. So far Hot Cookin' is the song on the album that I keep replaying, but I am also really enjoying Thanks & Praise. Wow, I am falling in love over again. I remember my first concert in Columbia, Missouri.

I am sure you are questioning, is Bruce aware of this love. Yes he is very aware, it was part of our vows. He is o.k. with it, mainly because my affair with G. Love is musical so mainly it's me swooning over my ipod, with the exception of a couple of concerts a year. However this year has been very very disappointing because G. Love has only been to Michigan once and it was with Dave Matthews. Frankly these concert promoters do not realize that I am not interested in anyone else but G. Love. I prefer to be in the front rows of a concert like the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor.

So here's to my one marital exception. G. Love, I love your music, style. So let's get back to Michigan, heck I will even do Ohio. To everyone who is reading this and saying G. who, all I have to say is shame on you. Go to Itunes and download it immediately. I will be sitting her listening waiting for him to come to Michigan to see me.

My favorite G. Love & Special Sauce Song: I-76
Check out G. Love:

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The New Office Walls

The new office look via my cell phone camera. Bruce put up the shelves, right n ow we are displaying my dorky pin collection. Yes you may be surprised that I am a geek/dork, but I am. As of late I have been trying to catalog my collection. I have been collecting pins as long as I can remember. I can remember where most of them are from and when I got them, but of course there are some that I cannot remember.

Here are a few:
  • UNKC Hospital Hill Run – First ½ Marathon Race in May 2001
    (super cold day and pouring hard rain, it was miserable)

  • British Flag Pin – Trip to London with Mom 8th Grade

  • Paris Eiffel Tower – Trip to Europe Spring Break 1999 with Nicole Gerhart

  • 76 Denver Olympics – Gift From my neighbor Jim Davey 1988

  • Skills USA Silver – Megan McEntee & Karl Staffhorst took 2nd place at the state competition I was there advisor hence the pin – April 2006